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Gidlabu's success story

Great stuff! What leads you to believe you still need the meds?

Good Q.

I stopped for a few days in the spring and again in summer and immediately got classic migraine.


Well if you are tolerating them with minimal side effects then no rush. Personally I got sick of the slow bowel so eventually the off meds symptoms were less than the on meds!

Keep up the good work! :weight_lifting_man:t3:

Glad to hear again someone is going great! May I ask how is your sleep? Do you have any problems?

I sleep like a log - Pizotifen does that!

Have you gained any weight on Piztofen?

Yes, loads. Small price to pay for getting my life back. I have lost most of the weight now.


It doesn’t help me sleep at night unfortunately!

Great news!