Going back to work has helped me!

Hey guys! Just wanted to post an update, since I returned to work almost 3 weeks ago. The first week or so was rough. I had some okay days, and some days I thought to myself “I will never be able to do this.” Now that I have been back, I notice everyday gets a bit easier, and sometimes when I am really involved in what I am doing, I don’t even realize that I am still “rocking.” I guess being at work offers the best type of vestibular rehab out there :smiley: Going back gave me the much needed confidence boost. I realize that although this is sticking around, you can live quite a functional life despite it. I will be working full time this fall, and start school part time to be a Nurse Practitioner. I don’t want to give up the things I had planned just because of MAV.
Best wishes to everyone!!!

That is so good to hear. I keep postponing my return to work date. I am so anxious I won’t be able to function with this dizziness. But my disability will be up soon and it will have to happen anyway so it is encouraging to hear you are doing well. Good luck with your job and and your studies!!! Take care.


Congrats that is great news!

Fantastic news. I was lucky enough to be able to battle on through and managed to stay working. I remember actually not wanting to stop because I didn’t want to be left at home all day with my thoughts - I was worried my focus would return entirely to my 24/7 dizziness! Focusing on work can be a real help, if you’re able. So pleased for you,

That’s so encouraging. And what you say about confidence etc is so true. Good on ya!


i totally agree. it is so strange but being at work keeps me busy, moving and kind of forgetting about all the rockiness. don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times when i notice it, but overall, it’s great to keep moving through life!

Well done you!!! But still make sure you’re getting plenty of rest in the evenings!!

I’m back at work 3 days a week in a very reduced responsibilities capactiy. BUT, it’s still 3 days more than I was able to do 4 months ago! I do find work hard, it seriously takes it toll on me, but from a spririt point of view, it gives me hope and makes me a lot less depressed!!

Stay well my friend x

Good on you Jen! Glad your confidence has increased by getting out there again. :slight_smile:

Well done Jen, that’s great news. I’ve also found forcing myself to go into work really beneficial in the long run, even though some days were immensely challenging. Like Tony (TeeCee) says, I also didn’t want to be stuck at home with my thoughts, and I liked the distraction of being at work.

Well you have all inspired me! I am going to return to work next week. Thought I’d start middle of the week so it isn’t too long to the weekend. Everyone is right, sitting at home is just keeping me focused on my problems. Take care,


Thanks everyone!!! :smiley: