Going to be starting Nortriptyline

Hi guys I went to see Dr Rauch yesterday and he decided to start me on 10 mg of Nort. I’m still on propanolol 20 mg a day x2, but he feels like I would benefit from adding nort to my regimen to try and break this cycle especially since I am experiencing spinning attacks a week before my cycle starts. He did tell me to watch for weight gain because of my diabetes and also racing heart beat which he stated I would need to stop it right away if that happens. Of course I am nervous to start it. I wish I could start with 5mg, but unfortunately it is in a capsule form and I don’t know if I could break it apart properly. Has anyone ever tried to break it apart? If so how did you do it? I asked him if it came in tablet form but he told me no that it only comes in capsule form. I have heard of others only taking 5 mg so I am wondering how they did it? If anyone has done this could you please let me know? Thanks!

10mg is a very small amount for Nort. You’ll probably be fine starting there.

Have you taken it? I’m a little concerned of increased heart rate since I already have had an issue in the past with starting an SSRI and having the same thing happen which landed me in the ER

Yes - my doc started me on 10mg and I worked up to 30mg. My only side effects were a dry mouth and constipation.

Ok good to know thanks!

I got up to 50mg nort and was fine :slight_smile: good luck

@Amylouise Did it not work for you Amy? I am worried about starting it while still working? I was already on medical leave earlier this year and won’t be able to do that again. I just want the spinning and swaying to go away…ugh… I know you understand how I feel with that feeling!

Honestly I’m totally with you ! Tbh I never got high enough I got to 50mg and still didn’t feel much but I wanted to come off it but technically some need to get much higher problem was it did affect my heart so I wasn’t willing to go any higher . However on 50 I was ok side effect not too bad bit sleepy so def give it a go if you don’t feel much at 30/40 and cope consider going higher there was a success story on here and he had to go to 75mg to get relief xxx u got this

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