Good news!

Well I got some good news about my cancer two weeks ago : for the first time my blood tests indicated that there is no more cancer!

I was so excited that the next day i decided to book a trip to Stockholm for a week and I left the day after, on my own!

I am so glad I did not listen to my fear of being stuck abroad alone with vertigo. And i had an awesome time. So glad i can enjoy life again! :slight_smile: it’s nice to feel the freedom.

Hope this will give hope to people still facing bad vertigo episodes. I never thought i’d feel confident enough and well enough to travel alone. I have been taking Elavil for almost a year now and boy my life has changed! I now walk 40-50 km/week and i even used a canoe this weekend and swam a bit, which i had not been able to do in years.

Good luck everyone xx

Great to hear! Well done getting through it. :smiley:

That’s wonderful - so brave of you to do all that on your own. You must be over the moon with the good news - no cancer and vertigo under control. Such a good example for us to not be afraid to enjoy whatever life has to offer us. Thank you for posting.

fantastic news-- thanks for sharing!!!

Thank you :slight_smile:

That’s fantastic. (No, I’m not claiming that you’re just fantasizing.)

See, I got this little speck of cancer on my prostate, and the urologist says it’s cool, man, you’ll probably die of normal causes long before it grows to anything worrisome. Only thing, we should keep checking, so I’ll stick my thumb up your bum maybe twice a year and take a poke at it, while we check our antigen level.
However, having a little speck of cancer means I haven’t been able to give blood for years now.

About the canoe and the swimming, are they related? Has it been so long since you canoodled that you went splash?

Just asking, man.