Good no-nonsense multivitamin? (Preferably from

So, I’m looking over at a couple of supplements. I really need to get started on Vit. D (separately from the multivitamin, but in the same order), and A and the Bs as well… C and E won’t hurt, so pretty much all the vitamins, and likely several minerals.

I’m looking for a multivitamin that:

  • Contains all “regular” vitamins (A, all B vitamins, C, D, E; K doesn’t matter)

  • Contains most regular minerals, i.e. copper, manganese, zinc

    contain extra stuff like bioflavanoids, herb extracts, …

  • Does not contain gelatin
    (like all softcaps, and many others), soy, gluten or any possible migraine trigger

  • Does not contain B1 in the form of thiamine mononitrate

As you can imagine, navigating their list of 356 multivitamins isn’t easy… So I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions. :slight_smile:

Needless to say, I don’t expect anyone to show up with something being an exact match - what I’m really asking for is: what do you take, and/or what can you recommend?


Do any of these grab you? … n&p=1&sr=1