Good OHSU Dr. who believe's in MAV

Hi does anyone know of a good OHSU doctor who believe’s in MAV that is worth seeing?

I’ve been struggling with my diagnosis I see a Kaiser Dr. who say’s I have MAV, I saw Dr. Brown with Good Sam who says no way it’s MAV I caught some sort of virus that left my body did some sort of damage and left me with this dizziness, head pressure, and headaches that I need to apply for disability and live within my means which isn’t living much, I’ve already lost my job, I’m not sure myself if it’s MAV I’ve been on Topamax 100mg since June and haven’t seen any difference so just wondering if anyone know’s of anyone at OHSU who I could see for a second opinion, a doctor who believes in MAV? Thanks

You asked earlier about Oregon docs on the following thread…

and someone said Dr. Anh at OHSU is good for MAV. (I have not seen any OHSU doctors myself).

Who is your Kaiser doctor who diagnosed you with MAV, if you don’t mind saying? The doctors I’ve seen at Kaiser haven’t seemed interested in this theory.


I’ve seen Dr. Ahn at OHSU had no idea he believed in MAV at the time I saw him, he’s the one that told me to see Dr. Brown because he had no idea what was going on gave me no idea’s. I’m seeing Dr. Warren at Kaiser