Good results so far with amitriptyline

Hi all,
I thought I would share some good news… I’m now on 62.5mg of amitriptyline and will soon be upping the dose once again to 75mg. and I feel better than I have in months. I actually went out last weekend to my best friends bachelorette party and made it till 2 in the morning. :smiley: I did take ativan to help me make it through the day/night, but this would not have been possible last month.
Even at school I’m noticing a difference. I can walk from my classroom down the hall to the bathroom at a pretty decent pace without feeling a ton of rocking or swaying. It is a blessing! I am far from perfect, but I am appreciative of any gain I can get.

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Sarah, that is great news! I hope it continues to improve. Was there any reason why your Dr went with amitriptyline rather than nortriptyline? I tried nortriptyline a while back and had elevated blood pressure and pretty bad anxiety. I was just wondering if I can add amitriptyline as a potential to my arsenal if my current try with lexapro/verapamil doesnt work out. Thanks and I wish you continued success. Ben

That is such great news! Thank you for sharing… How long ago did you start the ami and when did you really start to notice life improving?

Keep on going!

So wonderful, Sarah. From all my discussions on forums thus far, it seems like people have such good success on nort/amit (if they are able to tolerate it). I was also curious as to why the doc put you on ami and not nori, as I heard that ami has more sedating effects. What dose are you on now? are you still on topamax? What makes you sure that it is the ami and not being on topamax for a longer period of time? Sorry to bombard you with questions, and again I am so happy for you.

oops. just realized that you wrote what dose you’re on.

Great news Sarah. I’d say that as time goes on and you hit 75 mg, you’ll be waving goodbye to all of your symptoms. It will probably take a full 3 months to kill every bit of it.

Scott :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the encouraging words!
Lisa-- I am still on Topamax 50 mg-- I’m fairly confident it is the ami. working because I didn’t notice any big changes until I went up from 50 mg. to 62.5mg. It was Dr. Cherchi’s impression that this was the drug for me.

It is true that the med does have a sedation effect, but I got used to this after about a month or so. Every time I tirate up I notice that I’ more tiered for a few days, but nothing that I can’t handle. The other side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes. I am no longer ale to wear contacts…only my glasses, but again, it is a small price to pay.

Ben-- The first neurologist that I saw Rx;d my ami at 25 mg. I don’t think nori. was a consideration. I honestly believe it was luck of the draw. The doctor I was seeing at the time was not familiar with MAV per say but was attempting to treat my migraine headaches. I suppose I was just fortunate!

Does anyone know-- once I up my dose to 75mg (tomorrow) will it take an additional 4-6 weeks to see the full benefit?