Got a cold, worse symptoms?

I felt a couple of quick seeming spins last night and woke up with a nasty sore throat and sinus congestion. I was feeling relatively fine (all things considered) until I was reading the paper and felt another quick spin and then some rocking like i’d gotten off a cruise ship (a symptom I haven’t had really). My vision was kinda bouncy again like I was having a migraine but I didn’t want to take the imitrex as my therapist wanted me to come in if I ever have them during the day so she can redo (for the like 7th time lol) the bppv test which I went in for and was negative. At least I got to do the test when my symptoms were flared up. I wasn’t having a headache. I have a small one now but have still skipped the imitrex as I don’t want to over take it and it has it’s own minor side effects I could do without if I don’t need it.

I also started Verapamil on monday (friday now) and figured that’s why I was so tired yesterday. I pretty much slept for 15 hours. It probably contributed, but I think the cold is getting the better of me too.

Anyone else have exacerbated symptoms when they get colds? The therapist said it’s not regular but she’s definitely had patients say it was the case for them. (MY Dx was vestibular neuronitis jan 19/2010 with MAV slowing the recovery process).

Have others experienced this? Will colds likely effect me in the future once I get through this?

I was hit with a really nasty cold in the fall that really made me feel much worse the first week or so but then things evened back out after that , but it was very hard to sleep with the Mav and cold symptoms.

Hi bkk,

Yup, colds definitely make people feel worse. It’s probably because when we get colds and flu we tend to feel headachy anyway. I seem to recall from biochemistry days it being from the body’s release of cytokines into the blood stream to fend off the bugs. Any increase in headache activity or inflammation in the sinuses probably just pushes all of the MAV buttons. Give it a week and all will return to baseline.


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I can confirm that even for someone who is now about 98% well (in this case, me) a bad flu can bring on some MAV stuff. I’ve got a very nasty lurgy at the moment and am getting a lot of anxiety, from the cold and flu meds I think - much more of a reaction than I would normally get. Also a few zaps of vertigo here and there and very foggy head.