Got in with Dr Silver

Hello to everyone, I’ve never posted on this site before, but I’ve been reading it for a few months now. My problems started back in April and I was diagnosed with vertigo, then lab, then VN. At the last consultant ENT appointment, he said because nothing had shown up on my brain scan or balance tests it must be MAV and he just told me to get migraine tablets off my GP. I have tried these with no joy and last week my doctor did a referral to neurology. Because of what I’ve read on here (and I’ve been following Silvers advice on diet and medication from this site) I requested an appointment with him. It’s taken a couple of days for the NHS to work out, but they’ve come though and I have an appointment on 2nd Dec with Dr Silver. I have just been crying - tears of happiness for once! I feel a massive relief that hopefully now I’ll be on the road to recovery. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone on this forum, without your information I would not have got this far. I never though it was possible to feel this ill.
Thanks again and best wishes to all.

Hi Tracey,
I remember when I was in your shoes. Reading the forum, but not posting…looking for answers…very sick and depressed and scared. I found Dr. Hain through this website, and went to see him. Although there is no magic pill or magic Doctor,
over time you realise that there is something going on that has a name, and you’re not alone. AND, there are ways to get better.
Glad you are here, and look forward to your healing journey.


I know the feeling you describe. And I hope to hell Dr. Silver works for you. And if not, you picks yourself up and plug on till you find what does work. Sometimes it feels like a fluke. I lucked into the MAV diagnosis in going for a second opinion about inner ear surgery for my diagnosis of the time, Meniere’s.

Brilliant, there definitely is no magic cure but having had a couple of chats to the guy he certainly does buy into the weird and wonderful symptoms this thing produces, knows his stuff and is genuinely interested in this disease. I think that’s a pretty good start and a real breath of fresh air in the NHS. Keep us all posted.