Decided on a hobby to take my mind off being ill - bought a greenhouse to cultivate flowers and vegetables. Big trouble is the plastic windows are made of polycarbonate plastic and look dreadfully ‘stripey’. Major migraine trigger. Most greenhouses come with this now and the cost of replacing with clear perspex is way too much for my budget.

Does anyone else have trouble with stripey stuff and in particular greenhouses and wonder how you get round this - paint or put paper up perhaps??

Don’t want to end this hobby before I get started.

Greenhouse shade netting/paint is available, not sure if the paint is compatible with plastic though.
Hope this helps, I am a keen gardener and I find that it helps to keep me sane.
Take care xxxx

I can relate to this, I have vertical blinds in my house and couldn’t stand to have them half open when I first got this, had to have them fully pulled back or else I started to feel dizzy and nauseous.

Thanks for your replies Jackie and Stewjay will look at some paint. For this first time in almost 3 years of being so ill, I am excited about doing something and that is a good feeling.

Stewjay yes I am the same with vertical blinds, have to have them open. Thin horizontal ones are a nightmare too, in fact anything stripey. My son has a t shirt with the most awful navy blue and white thin stripes that almost dazzle off the shirt which give me an immediate dizzy and headache reaction. I have hid it in the wash basket :slight_smile: