Gyro Stim: have you tried it?

I’m surprised I couldn’t find this alternative treatment in the forum. Has anyone tried it? After getting an superior semicircular canal dehiscence diagnosis (I still don’t know if it’s the cause of my problems, I need to get more professional opinions), my chiropractor recommended this and says it has been very helpful for their other patients with SSCD. I tried it for a half session, just to see if i could tolerate it, and more than a week later I’m still feeling slightly dizzy from it. I’ll hold off on trying it again for now, but has anyone else tried GyroStim? What did you think, and why or why not did you decide to continue to use it? Internet researching has shown me that all the positive evidence for it helping with vertigo-like symptoms has been anecdotal, and looks to be a controversial form of treatment. BTW, I’m always cautious about trying new treatments, and normally do all the research I can before trying something new (my science background from undergrad in college helps a lot), but so far my chiropractor hasn’t steered me wrong.