Had a really good week

Guys, just a progress update: had a really good week. Balance 95% to 99% all week!

I’ve had many setbacks and relapses in the past, and I’m expecting more but thought I’d share this news with you to show you it’s possible to reach a point of almost being back to normal!

Only tinnitus was annoying me this week (and that’s much better than it was 6 months ago in any case!)

Onwards and upwards for all of us!


PS had two coffees every day this week. Naughty me! :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

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Well done James, that’s really good news. Have you done anything differently this week to make it such a good week? I’ve had one of the worst weeks since August, but it’s been no where near as bad as I was this time last year and little set backs are to be expected.

Vikki x

No, except being calm and generally ‘dealing with it’, oh and distraction of a new community project. I think its genuinely time that’s helped. I truly believe that our upset vestibular systems tend to want to revert back to normal and mine is plodding its way there. Because of its complexity I think you get upsets and relapses along the way, but a settling down, I believe, is really inevitable. Keep the faith!


Great news James! Are your setbacks fewer and far between now?

I too am climbing back to up from another relapse after a hectic festive period, but it wasn’t as bad as the previous one in November. Upping the pizotifen too and taking supplements seems to have helped me recover so much more quickly than last year when I was very bad. Couldn’t even ride in a car without getting dizzy.

Tinnitus is still annoying but like you I’m also getting less of it at times- finally!

So happy for you James!

/Edit: sorry to answer your question, I’ve not really noticed any pattern with relapses at all, however I will say that my best days seem to get better and last longer, so maybe yeah, relapses get fewer.

Thanks. That sounds great Lorri. Keep up the good work!

Great to hear, James!! I know how hard it is to be positive when one is feeling bad, bit I do think that a positive attitude helps. I have also continued to remain almost 100%, just a little wobbly later on in the day often when its really hot. I believe the supplements have helped me - and I don’t care if it’s psycologiacal - whatever helps!! Tinnitus keeps fluctuating - but I can deal with that!!!
Experience has taught me that mine will be back…but here’s hoping for a good long break again - and the same wish for you!!
Enjoy your coffees!!! :laughing: I am having either a small coffee or a bit of chocolate daily…well, maybe just a little more choc lately - made a really good batch of brownies…but I did give half to my sister-in-law :smile:, just so’s I was’nt toooo tempted! :wink:
Keep on trucking!!

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@turnitaround Congratulations James, that’s great to hear! Thanks for posting to give us all hope.

Pleasure. I knew it was worth sharing as in the past I’ve been grateful to posters like beatles909 and liv85 for their positive posts.

Well done James, that is wonderful. Long may it last!

Good to hear. I hope to be back to driving some day. No driving since June of 2016. Going to try Acupuncture soon. Just got off Prednisone for two weeks. Still bad headaches and dizzy.

Please let me know how you get on with acupuncture because I have been considering it myself. I spoke to the acupuncturist and he said he had had a lot of success with migraine headaches (which I don’t have any more) but he had never treated VM. Good luck.

Hey guys, just to add I’m still doing well-ish except tinnitus on bending over came back. Might have been the coffee. Oops. NB I’m still on 20mg Ami. If my balance continues to remain this good I might try dropping to 15mg.

Oh and just to add, all this whilst having a really 5h1tty cold … still well balanced! :slight_smile:


I’m so glad you’re feeling better, James!! :slight_smile: I am recovered for the most part too but I know when I need to scale back things and rest… Liv

Thanks. Unbelievably I’m STILL feeling good (despite the ongoing cold), so that’s a 2 WEEK STINK OF NO DIZZINESS!!! (Albeit still on meds).

I’ve only had extremely minor artificial light wobbles very rarely during this period.


Great news, James!!! Hope the dizzies stay away permanently this time!!
Purely out of interested (as I have never been on meds), do you stay on them forever, or do you cut back on them gradually and see how it goes once you are ‘free’ for a certain time?

That’s apparently the idea. One of our members scottl is right at that point

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Great! Hope you get there soon!