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Had a task today

I got a new set of weights today. I felt bad for the girl filling in for my regular UPS driver. Hope she didn’t hurt herself. Anyway, I was feeling a lot better today. Only slight vertigo but thankfully no nausea so I’ve been able to eat proper meals.

Felt well enough to drive myself to a doc appointment today. Driving, although I felt a little uncomfortable, I did fine. Went and picked up a prescription, in a huge, brightly lit grocery store, no anxiety or vertigo there either. Came home and managed to cook dinner and clean up the entire kitchen.

What I noticed most was though, when I was putting together the rack for my weights, my dizziness and visual disturbance seemed to have subsided completely. Focusing on a task that’s not screen-related made me feel better. I know it took my mind off of my symptoms because I was busy, but even after I was finished, the effect lasted maybe 2-3 hours before I felt them a bit again. Although my back got sore from crouching over for so long thanks to not being able to find my socket wrench and had to use a regular one, I’ll take that over a swaying room any day.

I just thought I’d share a bit of a story of relief, even if it is temporary. It made me happy.

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Well done. Pleased you are identifying triggers (the screen). Good to keep occupied wherever possible with non activating activities. I trust the weights are smaller rather than larger because most specialist say to avoid undue exertion otherwise they could prove a trigger. It’s no coincidence we have such a high percentage of PTs and gym enthusiasts in our mist on here for sure.


Good morning Renee!
Ps> I’m Renee’ too! :blush:
One of our members @Diana21 finds great relief with being a makeup artist. When she focuses her mind onto the details involved in her hobby, she finds her symptoms lessen.
Hope you have many more days like yesterday!


Hi @Renee …the other Renee @Naejohn is right, focusing on something that requieres my whole attention on detail helps me a lot, my makeup skills have gotten better since my MAV became chronic only because now I’m doing more makeup looks than ever lol


I can appreciate a makeup artist. Love makeup myself but not an artist. Just do my own makeup and some SFX makeup. Would love to see some of your work! I need to find more concentrated tasks. I wish my work wasn’t done strictly on the computer. I feel like I’d be better more often than not.

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@Naejohn Hello to a fellow Renee! I don’t run into too many. :slightly_smiling_face:

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100% agree with this quote. Like Helen says time and time again its like sustaining an industrial injury. Its tough
Jo x


It sure is. Thankfully, today I managed to wear my contacts. I’m currently working as I type this and have my blue light-blocking glasses on to prevent any eye strain. I have a slight headache but I had gotten used to wearing my weaker eye glasses than my contacts. Even worked out, went out to the mall and Target to return things, stopped at Starbucks for tea and a sandwich, even managed to beautify myself with makeup.

I’m considering today a good day and I’m taking advantage of it but being careful not to overdo it.

There’s your answer to why contacts seem overstimulating. With your current brain hypersensitivity they are. It’s a stronger prescription. MAV brains hate change.

I’m trying to retrain my brain as it were. Maybe strengthen it somehow.

Been okay for 2 and a half days. I’m getting stressed and full of anxiety thanks to my brother being in town and not being the nicest person and therefore today, I am getting dizzy again. Not too happy. Can’t avoid him because he’s staying at my house. Sigh :pensive:

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So sorry to hear that. Stress (toxic people or situations) are probably my biggest trigger.

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I’ve calmed down a bit and feel a little better without having to take a med, but I don’t know how I’m going to put up with it up until Sunday.

EDIT: I find myself absorbing other people’s stress and I don’t know how to stop it because I can feel it.

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