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Had lentils and canned crushed tomatoes for dinner and I feel a bit off. Could my meal be responsible?



Crushed tomatoes (canned and with salt)

Slow cooked for 8hrs

The crushed tomatoes contain salt. 1/2 cup contains 13% of the daily recommended intake of sodium

I have had this meal for dinner two nights in a row.


Not to do it again any time soon maybe.

Guess you aren’t following any Migraine diet? Many don’t. I was told not to bother. Many find it helps. Difficult though, all fresh might be impossible in the current troubled times.

Could well have been a trigger. Salt in tinned goods usually high. Lentils and tomatoes high in potassium and histamine and I am no chemist but I’d suspect the long slow low heat cooking may have a tyramine connection even. So on reflection your meal was packed with triggers. It’s so frustrating when one doesn’t notice beforehand. Done it myself loads of times.

Lentils are one of my biggest migraine pain triggers, we are talking 20/10 pain and throwing up type of migraine so I stopped eating them a long time ago, not sure how I would react now (the dizziness hadn’t presented yet back then) but they have always being on the trigger side of all the lists I’ve seen