**Had something called Ocular Migraine!**

hi Folks,

Had very scary episode last week. I had sudden trouble with vision — could not see properly at all. I think it was like “negative scotoma” I later saw in a med publication.
VERY VERY scary. Lasted over 45 minutes — then gradually improved. Doc said, “It was probably ocular migraine” after he did all necessary tests. (!)

I have never had aura or vision trouble with migraine before. Am I falling apart? As I get older? Yipes.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Raven :frowning:


From what I have read, ocular migraines are just another form of migraines. The doctor the diagnosed me with MAV told me that vestibular migraines are the cause of MAV, and just another variation. Just like vestibular causes problems with balance and hearing, ocular causes problems with vision. I wouldn’t say that you are falling apart, just that you are experiencing new things.

Hi Raven

That sounds like a reasonably typical aura - don’t be too worried by it - you can be fairly sure it won’t cause
any permanent visual problems.

How are you going with treatment? Is anything working for you at the moment - are you taking anything?


Thanks everyone for reply to my post on ocular migraine.
I went to family doctor regarding this and she said at this time she did not recommend any treatment for migraine problems saying they were not bothersome enough often enough to warrant treatment.

She said something re calcium channel blocker, I think, and possibly Topomax.

I am thinking about TRYING to find a doctor who has some specialty in migraine treatment.

I’ve been to countless neurologists already for vertigo problems and none of them ever had even mentioned migraine possibility. STRANGE. Later I read that it might be cause. I still don’t know.

My problems SEEM to be part and parcel of a sensitive nervous system since I experience anxiety attacks and must take Lexapro (SSRI) for that, which does help a lot there. I was told it would probably help vertigo, and possibly migraine headache, but the Lexapro does not do anything for either of those symptoms. I also take small amount of Beta Blocker med – atenolol - for anxiety attacks and it seems to help, too.

MY SYMPTOMS seem to build up – increasing over two week period – then result in big vertigo attack of about eight hours. Then two days later, I am really fine – much better – and then I feel it building up again.

The ocular migraine experience was first ever for me . All this stuff is usually old for me since I’ve been at it for years and years and years.

Raven ****** :wink:

Your doctor has a point - but it would seem migraine symptoms are bothering you significantly enough
for it to worry you and be discussing it on the forum. Do these symptoms prevent you from working at all?

You might even find if you treat the migraine, you may improve or abolish the anxiety, if they are related.

I am doing very well on Acetazolamide at the moment and my jitteriness (which feels like anxiety) is gone.

Your family doctor must be quite experienced with migraine treatment, as Topamax and Calcium Channel Blockers
are only fairly recently used for migraine treatment. Certainly, my family doctor had no idea either of those
drugs were used for migraine treatment - and they are considered quite effective too (especially Topamax).

She might recommend you try a calcium channel blocker like verapamil first as it is safe and well tolerated.


Thank you Adam for the helpful reply.

It is good to know calcium channel blocker is easily tolerated. I am thinking my dr doesn’t realize how proplematic this whole thing is for me. :cry:

So I may return to her and try calcium channel blocker. I have low blood pressure so she said she was reluctant to see me go on that I think.

I have something called: neurogenic hypotension which acts up quite often. BUT I’m thinking maybe some kind of migraine treatment approach would help that?

My friend wants me to go to a neurologist specializing in migraine,if we can find such a person. Maybe in nearby larger city. So we working on that angle, too.

Hi Everyone,

I’ve read on some other sites about a condition – possibly related to migraine – called Cyclic Vertigo. It apparently occurs in young people before age 21 and they have vertigo attacks on a regular basis — like once every 24 or 25 days.

The people then go on to develop “regular” migraine when they are in 20’s or 30’s.

My vertigo attacks are fairly regular but not always by any means and I am not in that age category by any means. However, I was quite interested in this symptom.

Some young people have nausea instead of the vertigo attacks on a regular basis.

:smiley: *****Raven

When I was young I had nausea on a regular basis without any dizziness or vertigo. I then
developed vertigo attacks which would happen every 6 months almost to the day.

Now there is no more cycle, I am always dizzy :slight_smile: