Had to laugh...!

Hi all,
just thought anyone on the boring migraine-diet, like me, might find that this gives them something to smile about - and we could all do with that, eh?
I saw my GP today, to see what the results of some blood tests were, and he was looking through all the results/figures line by line, on his computer screen…“yes…good, all good…”…and he got to my cholesterol reading, and said “…3.6…must be just about the lowest in the county”!!

I had to laugh - finally, after more than 2.75 sodding years on this poxy, boring migraine diet, still dizzy 24/7, but at least my cholesterol reading is great - if it had’ve been high, I wouldn’t have been best pleased!! I said to him, “yes, it’s amazing what can happen it you lay off the chocolate, cheese, biscuits, cake, take-aways, etc…isn’t it”!!! And then I said, “so…on paper, I’m fantastically fit and well…just goes to show how the theory sometimes doesn’t match the ‘practice’, eh”!!!

So, there you go - to eveyone who’s struggling along on this agonising, boring, dull, “oh, no thanks, no Christmas chocolate cake or cookies, or chocolates, or cheese and crackers for me” diet - there is an upside; if we ever manage to conquer our dizziness, we’ll all be good to go, hearts primed and ready for whatever we want to throw at them! :wink:

Best wishes to all,


How are you, besides being the recipient of the worlds lowest cholesterol??
What medicine are you taking?

Hi Tony: How are you? It’s so true, I can’t control my MAV, can’t control my hypertension but wow, my cholesterol is also the lowest it’s been in 5 years! This of course due to the “boring” diet just as you say. Take care and Happy NewYear!


Hi everyone,

David: Hi - thanks for the congrats - just feels like a ‘hollow victory’, if you know what I mean…? Like I said, I look so healthy on paper…just a shame we don’t live our lives on paper! :wink:

Kelley: Hi - I’m currently on 100mg Topamax (have been for just about 3 weeks - a decision that I myself made, as I wasn’t seeing enough improvement at 80mg), along with 600mg Gabapentin. I’m actually in a bit of a quandary, because I went to see Dr. S at the end of Nov, and I was on 80mg Topamax at the time and it was he that added the 600mg Gabapentin. He commented that he would like to see me taper off the Topamax at some point, but between Nov and Christmas I decided that a lot of people seem to get a fix on 100mg of Topamax, and it would be silly of me to be on the Topamax for so long and not give 100mg a try! I’m due to see him again this Friday for a complete set of vestibular tests (caloric, etc) since my last set were done in 2009 and he wants an up-to-date picture, so I’m going to try and explain to him that I want to give 100mg Topamax at least 3 months to see what happens (e.g MaryAlice has just recently posted in another thread that she felt better only after spending 3 months at 100mg). Not sure what he’s going to say about that…hhmmmm…wish I had waited a little while longer to see him now…!

Karen: Hi - still pretty much 24/7 dizzy in some form :frowning:
Best wishes,

My cholesterol was 3.6 too! This was a few years ago. I was living on rice cakes (polystirine) muesli (budgie food). Oddly, every lunchtime I was having hard boiled egg, jacket potoato, salad and mayonnaise (an egg every day for at least 10 years) so dont believe that eggs cause high cholesterol. I never felt any better on the strict diet but it might have gained me a few years :lol:


Hi Christine,
along a similar line - I’ve been having loads of prawns (I’ve been told by Dr. S that I can’t have eggs, so the available options are shrinking) for quite some time now - so it seems that prawns don’t cause high cholesterol either! :slight_smile:

Nice one Tony! At least something good has come from the migraine diet. Forces us to be healthy in one sense whether we like it or not.

— Begin quote from "scott"

Nice one Tony! At least something good has come from the migraine diet. Forces us to be healthy in one sense whether we like it or not.

— End quote

Hi Scott - that’s right - my insides are as clean as a whistle…now if only I could walk a straight line! :lol: