Hains 1 month med testing

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hain told me today that they generally trial meds for 1 month here, so i am only to trial for 1 month on topamax to see if i have any improvement. i thought it a bit odd as his site says different…

anyone else heard the same¿



Hain’s office told me they usually do the initial trial for anywhere from 4-6 weeks (8 on occasion); presumably, they’ll have at least some indication (by the 1-month mark) if the medicine is helping, doing nothing, or making things worse. I presume that’s what he meant by “trial” – ‘give it a month and let’s see how you are, and at that point we’ll decide whether to continue or go another route.’

Luke – that is strange given that we have seen that it can take months to show any positive effect. It took Rich 4 months to get there. Had he thrown in the towel at month 1, he could still be in the pit.

Rich – if you see this, did you see any perceptible improvements after 4 weeks on Topa?


I’m curious too!! But it does seem to me if a med is going to help you, you should notice some type of improvement in a few weeks. Maybe I’m too hopeful and logical but it would be nice!!

This is a tough one and does seem at odds with what his site says and what other Drs have said. Maybe it is one month after getting up to the target dose. So for Topamax, it would be more like 6-8 weeks assuming the target dose is 100 mg and you start with 25 mg per week, although I am starting lower and going slower…

Hey Guys/ Scott

Yeh I have to agree it does sound strange - I think when I get to the 1 month mark I will email him and see if I should continue and mention the literature ( that he wrote!!). Perhaps he means if you see no difference, to stop it. His reasoning for the 1 month trial was so that people could get through the med list quicker.

He also told me to take Klonopin only on & off as it is addictive ‘‘like beer’’ in his own words. Dont think I will bother to be honest.

I’m starting 25mg Topamax tonight, I asked him if I should take 12.5mg and he said 25mg is fine…so there you go.

I was going to buy Effexor here, but its $120 US for 1 month supply! Will wait till I get home, lucky I had some Topamax on hand from home! Good old NHS.


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He also told me to take Klonopin only on & off as it is addictive ‘‘like beer’’ in his own words.

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LOL – that cracked me up. If only I could drink beer again! Maybe Hain says the one month thing so that people don’t lose hope to fast. At one month, if there’s no change, it might be easier to then say, “let’s give it another month and we’ll crank up the dose a little more too”. If I sat down with him and I was brand spanking new to the whole ordeal, hearing “4 months” to see a possible result might be a freak-out. You know what’s even more ludicrous? When I was first dxd with VN, my GP said “I hate to scrare you but this might take 6 weeks to clear up.” LOL Man, was that the understatement of the decade or what?

Scott 8)


I recently read a post on here by Rich, can’t remember where, where he talked about his topamax experience. I’m pretty sure her said he quickly experienced improvement in one area (rocking, I think) which made him think the topamax might work. It then took a slow build over four months before it helped in all areas.

I find it fascinating that Hain has said this as it puts paid to the notion that you should hang in there with a drug if it’s only making you feel bad. I have tried drugs, for example topamax, that I now (stupidly I realise) kept going with for two months when it was only making me feel worse. Now I know this, on my next drug trial I will hang in there for a month and bail if I patently see no improvement at all.


I wonder if he meant 1 month after you build up to the appropriate dose? Dr. Preisol at Mass Eye and Ear told me that he tries drugs for 4-6 weeks because it takes that long to re-set brain chemistry.

This is from Hain’s website that was updated in July. Seems like there is a different trial period for migraine and MAV. Sally
Verapamil (Calan ). (Group 2) Used for prevention.

A very effective and inexpensive drug that takes about 2 weeks to work.We particularly favor this drug for persons who have high blood pressure, or who have nausea accompanying migraine. It is an excellent drug for “cyclic vomiting”. Usual dose is 120 to 240mg per day, SR. SR means sustained release. We start with dose in mg roughly = weight of patient (in pounds). In other words, someone who weighs 120 lbs, would start on the 120 mg dose. We usually increase the dose if not effective at one month intervals. We do not increase beyond 240 mg/day, and we also do not increase if there is constipation or hypotension.

So Luke have you started the medications yet…if so how are you doing?

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He also told me to take Klonopin only on & off as it is addictive ‘‘like beer’’ in his own words.

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hahaha. Beer that’s the strong stuff eh?

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He also told me to take Klonopin only on & off as it is addictive ‘‘like beer’’ in his own words.

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hahaha. Beer that’s the strong stuff eh?

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I wonder why they prefer Klonopin to other benzos when they do use them,

its more of an antielepticum than the other benzos, so it works better for these types of disorders. It also has a somewhat long half-life (compared to xanax and valium at least) and so you don’t have to take a refill all the time = less chance of dose-escalation. It is very potent but doesn’t make you very drowzy, unlike valium.

That’s it I guess.

But stay away from those beers!