Hand tremor?

I’ve started experimenting. This week I’ve eaten some almond each day, after following the diet scrupulously for many months and seeing considerable benefit. However, yesterday I went out on a job, and disconcertingly found that my hand trembled some as I held a screwdriver. I felt a bit shaky on the way home. Is it plausible that this was a reaction to the tyramine? I also had taken some pain pills before heading out (2 acetaminophens and two baby aspirins, with breakfast) to moderate arthritis pain, but I haven’t any info on these causing trembling. Any reason to believe my experience was a reaction to the diet experiment, as opposed to,say, weather change?

I get tremors when my blood sugar goes. What did you eat for breakfast and how long after did the shakes start. Also, for instance, this morning, I had just one third of a veganin (paracetamol, codeine and caffeine… I know caffeine :shock: ) but it was one third which equals approx 10 mg caffeine, at half 5 am. I got up and was fine, ate breakfast, bit sugary, then after got the tremors, it was around 9 by this time, so I dont know whether it was a blood sugar change or the tiny bit of caffeine but probably one or both or maybe just part of this MAV thing. I didnt have a very good day, balance was off this afternoon.
How many almonds this time David, one, two or more :lol: If it was a small amount, I doubt that was enough to cause the problem. I cant eat almonds, kept a diary of food I ate for years and migraines appeared next day after I ate almonds, I worked that one out long time before I knew about nuts. Also discovered peanuts did it for me years ago.