Hannah - German Question!

Hey Hannah

Thought I would just start a fresh thred…

I did a Russian, German & Serbo- Croat degree at university about 5 years ago. To be honest, Im also still pretty rusty. Im actually teaching myself Spanish while in South America, which is much easier compáred to german, so if you ever fancied it…give it a go!

Oh and my symptoms came on spontaneously…while at my desk at work in 2005. Lovely.

Hoff, dass alles gut bei dir geht :slight_smile:

Hey Luke,

Great sounding degree. Believe me, you’re not in any way as rusty as I am. My dad was german, but haven’t been over for years apart from a quick trip to Berlin. My brother now lives in Munich, but because of this irritating piece of crap illness, I avoid flying as much as possible, otherwise I’d probably be popping over for weekends. I haven’t even visited him there yet. Flying is a huge trigger for me, although it’s random whether it gets me or not. I could be fine or could be set back for weeks. Although I’m working on a big freelance job at the moment but when I’m done I’m going to say to hell with it and travel a bit, I’d love to see South America, I’ve heard fantastic things.

I’m actually intending to do a german refresher course as I’m so pissed off that I’ve forgotten most of it. It’d should come back fairly fast as I did used to be pretty fluent, but at the moment I’m rubbish. I actually really love it as a language. I did have a go at Spanish although ironically I’d signed up for evening classes which started after this illness hit. I had a go at attending but had a head full of fog then so it wasn’t ideal. I was so ill at that time I was having problems speaking English.

My symptoms also came on spontaneously - was off out for dinner with a friend, great mood, hot evening, thinking this will be fun and then wham.

Anyway, hope this waste illness isn’t cramping your style whilst away. And don’t worry about the job thing when you get back. I’ve spent so much of the last few years worrying about that and so far have always managed. Do you use your languages in your job?


Hi Hannah

Its a shame you can’t get to Munich because of the flying. I guess going overland is too long and strenuous! I hope that trigger calms down for you as Munich is a great city. It has great access to the Austrian Alps and the Beerfest is something else (well, it was back in my days of heavy drinking!).

Good for you getting back onto the German…I think as an Anglophone speaker it’s extremly important to try and learn other languages. People are always more impressed too…the German girls seem to love it :slight_smile: hehe.

Im not doing too badly at the moment actually. I am at a bearable level where I can operate. I’m actually 4,000 metres above sea level in Cusco and the only altitude effects I have got is more of a dull headache. We had a horrific flight in…well landing and I felt really motion sick becuause of the turbulence and it knocked me out last night, but bizzarely today I have been ok!

I’m bumping up my Topamax up to 50 mg in a few days and will sit on it for a month. I’m praying for a way out of this hell, or at least a medium whereby I can work and lead a normal life. I really do miss getting on the beers like everyone else, but it beats me to hell! It’s not worth the pain.

Anyhow …all the best and speak soon.