Happy Birthday Muppo!

I know you had mentioned it was your birthday and that you had a nice bbq planned…hope you were feeling well enough to enjoy your special day!

Happy Birthday Muppo!!! :slight_smile:

Happy b-day Mup…hope you are starting to feel a little better :slight_smile:

I know you are in a rough stretch …ugh


Happy Birthday Muppo! :smiley:

Doing anything fun?


The Mupp-ster - have a great day! :smiley:

Hope you had a great, and MAV-free, b-day Muppo! :smiley: Cheers, Bonnie

Happy Birthday Gemini. Hope you have a smashing day!

Hey Muppo - where are you? Are you still celebrating? Still got a hangover :roll:
Hope you had a lovely day, and no more of that horrid night terror business.


Oh my gosh I didnt realise I had my own dedicated post - I’M BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS (and thankfully not due to fecking MAV on this occasion)!! :lol:

Well, after my night terror on Thurs night, I spent all of Friday literally quaking in my boots and scared stiff. Was scared to go to bed Fri night but managed to do so without agro.

Sat morning I woke up and wasnt feeling too bad but I threw a Valium down my neck just to keep things that way!! We got the house ready and all my friends turned up and I had a BRILLIANT DAY. The only bummer was everyone turned up with bottles of Champers for me and I was like I TOLD YOU PEOPLE I CANT DRINK hahahahah - but I’ve been told to save them for celebratory purposes for when this sh*t takes a hike.

We stayed in the garden until about midnight and all in all it was fantastic. I’ve just been paying for it since sadly. Sunday I had full on exhaustion like I’d run a marathon, Mon night I went right downhill and couldnt take much more, Tues night I had another attack half spin of cosmic proportions in my sleep and today I feel like rat sh*t and time of the month has just landed… but hey, I’m not dead right?!

Guys - I’m so touched by your messages, seriously - really moved my world (again, un Mav related). You are seriously the strength that gets me through most days dealing with this and every little bit of success (Vic) gives me a glimmer of hope.

My casa is your casa.

Peace out - Love Mup xx

Mup…you are one of the good ones :smiley:

You sound like me: You find a day that you feel ok , have some friends over, decide to party…then…WHAMMMOOOO!!! All hell breaks loose! :cry:

There are so many days that you really don’t feel like doing much that when you find a day/night that you feel good…you just want to go for it! I hear you loud and clear!

And then the next 3-4 days are just pure shit…no other way to put it. :? )

Take care Mup…I am rooting for ya to get past these brain zaps (or whatever the hell they are) :cry:

When you are ready for that cross country worldly trip…just give the word. I am the host with the most :lol: … Spokane will never be the same…ha

Your friend across the country, Todd