Happy Easter MAV'ers! & quick?

Happy Easter Everyone!

Have a great Easter Sunday and enjoy time with family!

Wouldn’t be me unless I asked a quick question …even on Easter!

I tested fate yesterday and decided to go fishing in my boat.

I actually did ok (did not catch much fish) , but you know what I mean :smiley:

Now my question:

While I was out there, the ringing in my ear became more pronounced and I became a little more groggy. Still had fun, but it was definetly more noticeable…and the water was not even choppy.

It this common for MAV…even during “recovery” stage? I am not going to over-analyze it too much, it was just a little dis-heartening. I am back to my normal self that I have been at for the past 17 or 18 days today right now though…yeah!!! **Why does this happen (the ringing associated with the boating and being in the water???)**Happy Easter…go find eggs, but for those with dogs, leave the brown eggs behind. :lol:


That would be normal for me. I personally cannot tolerate motion that I am not in control of. If and when I do go out on a boat, it is on a small lake where they don’t allow boat’s with big motors that will make waves.