Harder to Process Input

Hi Everyone,

My part-time job consists of working with the mentally challenged. Annually we have to go to a CPR class, First Aid class and a CPI class (all are attended separately through the year). Before MAV when I would have to attend a classroom-like atmosphere with numerous people and have to follow through on specific instructions to learn (CPR, etc.) something with fellow classmates, I was a bit nervous about it and could feel uncomfortable. Now with MAV…when attending these classes the instructor goes through it fairly quickly and you have to practice various steps with another classmate and listen carefully…plus we have to use mannequin dummies to follow steps practicing CPR. My head is very tense and a lot of information is coming at me and trying to take it all in brings on lots of anxiety. Then we have a written test at the end.

Does anyone here have difficulty with this type of atmosphere? With my head feeling the way it does (motion, tension, equilibrium off, etc)…I find it more challenging to learn and get through the class. Even with a little anti-anxiety medication I still find it somewhat difficult.

Would appreciate your input.


Yes, absolutely. When my MAV first started, it was my last semester of college. I missed two full weeks of classes, plus countless other classes throughout the semester. One thing that helped me was taking a small dose of valium before a class. Small enough not to knock me out, but it was enough to keep me calm and able to somewhat concentrate.

I would never be able to handle such an env with MAV. I can hardly handle sitting in a room with just one other person. When my husband does nothing more than blink, it even throws me off more.

Well I’m glad to hear there were at least a couple of folks here at the forum who identify with this particular situation/symptoms. One of my daily medications is a small amount of benzo (Xanax)…but when I have to be in a CPR Class for 3-4 hours and watching videos, listening to the instructor (fast paced), teaming up with other co-workers to practice various exercises…+ bracing myself for a written exam, I can’t seem to relax especially with my head not feeling very well … and have to increase the benzo a little. Too much coming at me gets me sort of nervous. Sometimes it’s hard for me to process everything as quickly as others. The good part is I almost always pass the exam.