Has ANYONE ever gotten better on EFFEXOR?

I am about to start Effexor to try to get rid of the dizzies. I have already tried Cymbalta and Prozac with no lasting success. I don’t know how many people are actually on this site but SOMEBODY has to have gotten better on the Effexor right? Or why would Hain call it his #1 and say that it helps 80% of his patients with MAV??

I have the same question! I have a bottle but am reluctant to start it. I was going to try to stay med free but i am feeling more motion sick and nauseas. I can ride it out, but jeez, it was really nice being symptom free on the nortrip. Nortriptyline really worked for me, but I had to go off it, don’t know if you have tried that.

I did but it made me soooooooo sedated!

Effexor works for me, I’m feeling 90% better. It took some months to get up to a dose that worked well for me; 150 mg. Dr. Hain typically only goes up to 75 mg. but he made an exception in my case as I was feeling somewhat better on 75 mg. but not well enough to justify the side effects, which for me are sexual (delayed orgasm) and digestive (constipation). Give it some time and go slow, I understand some of Hain’s patients will start by not taking the full initial dose of 37.5 mg. I hope it eventually helps both of you. Good luck.


I know MItch is on Effexor, at 75mg I think… and it is helping him. He will probably post. For anyone who is having insomnia or anxiety, motion intolerance, nausea…I would like to say that i am having a lot of success with Promethazine, or Phenergan if you are in AU or England…it’s over the counter as Phenergan, but need a script in the states. I am going to do a post on it at a later date, but just wanted to throw that out there…
YOu can do a Google search of “effexor helped migraine” and look under sites like Revolution Health, or ask a patient.com…and read other peoples stories about it…Mayo clinic also states that Effexor, after the tricyclics, is a good preventative for migraine.
GOod luck!

Thanks Ed! I will try it and hope it works!

I read some pubmed articles last night on the success of Effexor. All articles stated that between 80 - 88% of people taking 75-150mg of it in the study felt “good” to “very good” on it and that the migraines reduced significantly. That being said, the articles were about regular migraine and not MAV. One study found it to be more effective than amitriptyline with less side effects. The other study found it to be more effective than escitalopram with more side effects. Escitalopram was found to be successful as well.

And regarding side effects, only one person dropped out of either study because of side effects, which is probably below the norm in med studies, so thats inspiring.