Has anyone ever had this on an SSRI?

The first few days I start an SSRI (most recently Effexor) I feel amazing, I have tons of energy, and I have almost NO dizziness, and the within the first week or too I get the opposite. I get extremely tired and fatiged and then I give up after 4-5 weeks and try a different one. Has anyone ever had this happen to them?

Could be the dosing is too high too soon so that when it finally begins to build up in your system (sometime after 3 days or more) the dose feels too strong. I had that experience years ago with an SSRI but not for MAV… try stepping up the dose very gradually… or trying another kind or med… ???

Yes, I have gotten that. I think it might be that your body doesn’t metabolize the meds and perhaps they build up? I am trying to figure out the same thing over here. Several times I have gotten instant good results, and then it gets worse over time instead of better.

God I wonder what that means to us!!!

My primary care physician who has followed my 3 1/2 year ordeal told me that people have different rates of metabolizing medications. People who metabolize slowly are much more sensitive to medication doses since they don’t clear quickly from their bodies. I think that’s a very reasonable explanation and sound reasoning for insisting on the lowest doses of meds that you try (when possible) and raising them cautiously. I rarely need to raise a medication up to the therapeutic dose suggested.

Hi Gail< So your doctor told you the medicine would still be effect at a sub-theraputic dose? I think that would be great if I could get away with less!

I also take effexor, but have stuck with it. I too have felt lots of dizziness/fatigue relief with it. Is is possible that once you felt better, you overdo activities to make up for lost time, and overdoing it causes the relapse. I have learned to take it easy, even on the good days. Even so, I still get good/bad days, but alot more good days now since taking the meds.

Hi Joli
When I was taking an SSRI (two separate periods of times over 10 years) I was only able to take 10mg. (standard therapeutic dose tends to be 20mg which made me too sleepy during the day) and eventually used 5mg. for maintenance for quite some time. Again, I’m very sensitive, I guess I’m a sloooow meds metabolizer, and am very petite @97 lbs. And, my doctor just trusted that I knew how I was feeling which is really all any doctor has to go by. All my doctors just trust what I’m telling them…or they’re not my doctor for very long. (I refuse to argue with a medical professional who does not live inside my head or skin) At the time, however, I was not taking an SSRI for MAV, but I did concurrently have the dizziness, and it did not go away no matter what dose I was on anyway.

Gail, what is working for you now? THe celexa didn’t help for the MAV for you?