Has anyone ever

…gone off of the med roller coaster and had success? I’m getting SO tired of playing around with all of these meds, the side effects, wondering what works, what doesnt, what to stop, what to continue. I’ve had migraine since I was 16, never took anything but an ibuprofen for it and since November when the dizziness started, the migraines started daily.

I keep wondering if I should just go off everything, let my body “reset” itself, and see if this works. Being on all these meds cannot be good for a person. They are playing with my brain - I’m not the same person I used to be.

Yes I have . I think , if you’ve been trying meds for some while and feeling increasingly rotten , the brain must get agitated. So it might be worth having a med break to allow your brain and symptoms to get back to a base line.

Hi Tamsha,

Yes, having to take meds is not exactly much fun but the evidence shows and from what you’ll read here, for those with intractable migraine, medication can most definitely give a person their life back if trigger avoidance alone fails. I have personally tried to kill all meds a few times. I’m usually OK for a brief stint and then the full hell of migraine returns. Some get onto a med for a period of time to calm the brain and stop the hypersensitivity (most of the migraine drugs seem to accomplish this one way or the other) and then stop that med after a year or two and may remain in remission. Helen experienced this after 2 years on pizotifen (think it was 2 years).

Rauch will tell you that it’s like a migraineur is standing in a swimming pool with the water level just below the nose (threshold). It takes virtually nothing (a trigger) to dunk you under water and you’re then symptomatic. Avoiding triggers drops the water level in the pool for some. If that’s not adequate then taking a migraine med makes you grow “taller” in the pool and thus raise your threshold and prevent being dunked. I think it’s a very good anaolgy.

Without meds you may never know when the next wave will dunk you again (that is if trigger avoidance is insufficient).