Has anyone tried Botox?

Hi everyone,

I have heard that Botox has helped a lot of people with classic migraine and MAV. I decided after chickening out for the last 7 years to try it but not in the manner that they do for migraine. I just had it in my forehead and inbetween my eyes for wrinkles but I also heard that sometimes, that is enough to do the trick. Also, i squint a lot and by the end of the day I have a lot of tension there so I thought it was worth a shot. Anyone out there try it?


I did it back in August in the back of my neck. I have to say that it’s helped with the headaches a bit but nothing for the vertigo. It did cause a major migraine the night after I had it done. Strangely I still have a lot of neck pain but the headaches have calmed down a bit. It’s either that or the verapamil I’m not really sure which one!
It’s certainly worth the try! Maybe you’ll have better luck with the vertigo than I did.