Has anyone tried Lyrica?

My doc recommended methotrexate for psoriasis on soles of feet & Lyrica for my burning feet. I wonder how Lyrica may react with the Prothiaden (Dothiep) I’m taking for MAV. One of the side effects of Lyrica is ‘dizzyness’. Has anyone tried Lyrica? Can’t believe that I now have to live my life on drugs - always very fit & healthy before this MAV hit last year. Migraines are reduced but am still very unbalanced especially in stores & moving head side to side/up & down, trees moving, etc. & especially when I’m tired. Have had to find a new home for one of my little labradoodles - she needs lots of walks which I can’t do now. Gone to a lovely lady who adores her and spoils her rotten! She keeps me updated on how Maisy is going. Have had her six years so I miss her lots but still have “Tallulah” to keep me company. :frowning:

I know that a few people have tried Lyrica. I believe it’s one of a certain Doctors favorite MAV med. I think it’s Dr. Silver. You can do a search on this site up in the right hand corner and find the stories.
Sorry about your dog…I can totally understand how hard it must be since mine are my best friends. :slight_smile:
Good luck!

Hi Barb

Do a search for Lyrica on here and you’ll see I feature quite heavily. I have found it incredibly helpful for my dizziness, and I’ve noticed a side effect has been it helps my feet stop burning at the gym! It has got its critics though and isn’t for everyone.

What dose have you been prescribed? It’s true it can cause dizziness but this isn’t long lasting and, for me, wasn’t the same as my MAV dizziness. It can also cause weight gain but usually only at higher doses. I found the beneficial effects quite dramatic but unfortunately I had to keep increasing the dose to maintain this. I’m fairly stable now though (touch wood) at 400mg.

Dizzy Lizzy x

Dear Dizzy Lizzy
My GP has given me some freebies but they are 75mg which I am scared to try & don’t even want to cut one in half. I think they come in 25mg but will have to get a script for that. Have an appt with Dr Granot in Sydney in a couple of weeks so I’m going to wait & see. I hope he’ll be able to give me some good advice regarding all the meds I currently take & possible interactions. Hopeful to hear that Lyrica helps your burning feet at the gym! Thanks for the feedback.

Hi Barb, I’m on Lyrica - 200mg twice a day. It has got things nearly there, but I still have ‘blips’. The only side effect for me was weight gain and tiredness. Good luck at the doctors.
Take care x