Has meds improved anyone's visual symptoms?

Hi there,

I’m scheduled to see a MAV specialist in about a month. And, I’m hoping to get on meds soon. The symptoms that have affected me the most have been my visual symptoms. For example, light sensitivity, halos and flares around lights, and night blindness. All these symptoms appeared exactly when my migraine started. So, I’m just wondering if anyone has seen relief from light sensitivity and night blindness with meds?

I’ve also been on the migraine diet for over a couple months now, and my dizziness has improved quite a bit. In fact, when I wear sun glasses my dizziness instantly goes away. Anyway, I look forward to your replies.


Joe, my visuals are my worst problem too. Extreme sensivitiy, floaters, blue field entoptic phenomenon and some light visual snow. I am currently titrating off of Topamax and Celexa and starting up on Zoloft. Nothing has helped my visuals. They are constant, 24/7. I have had around 5 scotomas over the last 2 years, but no clue if or how they are related. I am not really dizzy any longer, but still really imbalanced and have major cognitive issues like brain fog and concentration problems. At this point I have a hard time believing I will eve find any relief.