Have any of you had any relief with deep massages

I was wondering if any of you had any relief with deep tissue or nuerumuslar massages.

I have read they can give some relief to the issues in the neck and base of your skull pain they have a place here that is pretty reasonable, 40 dollars for 45 minutes for either.


I have not experienced relief for my MAV from massages or other types of therapy for my stiff shoulders and neck. I have experienced extreme relief from the muscle tension in my neck and shoulders from a combination of massages and other therapies though.


Timeless…at one time i was going every couple of months for a Swedish massage for muscle tension around the neck, shoulders…+ some lower back pain and it gave me some relief. But it does not help with the MAV. My partner massages my head very gently (mostly in the tension area) sometimes and it helps with the tension build up inside and around my head and feels a little bit better but it’s definitely no cure.



Too much massage in the neck and shoulders actually makes my symptoms worse for 12 hours. It may or may not make things feel better. But massage at the base of the skull and at the sides of my head do seem to help a lot. The good effect never lasts of course and always costs a fortune in the end.

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I’ve wondered about acupuncture for Jason, we know chiropractic care is not an option for him (Herniated disks/bulged disks) and when he did some physical therapy for his shoulder they did some “traction” on his neck, this did seem to help alleviate the symptoms sometimes up to a full day and other times it would make the headache way worse. My massages (course I don’t know what i’m doing in a Professional sense) can sometimes help and sometimes make him worse, I have finally limited the length he gets one (5-15 min) because otherwise it seems to kick in his dizziness. I also massage his scalp/crown/base of skull and he says sometimes it helps alot and other times it just helps for a moment. I have wondered about deep tissue massages as well but with so many issues in his back/neck/shoulders we’ve been advised by both his old PC dr, and his orthopedic surgeon that it could potentially make those areas more painful or injured.

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I’ve wondered about acupuncture for Jason

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I recommend trying acupuncture if headache is a primary symptom for Jason. I am currently trying oriental medicine, including acupuncture. In terms of vertigo, the benefits have been limited. However, the acupuncture helps quite a bit with my headaches. I rarely have bad headaches, but I have them quite often, sometimes daily for a few weeks. They are usually mild to moderate. After one particular treatment where the acupuncturist focused on releaving my daily headaches, I didn’t have a headache for nearly a month. This is quite unusual for me.