Have SSRI, SNRI's helped anyone w/dizzy/disequelibrium/ears

Tricyclic ad’s and me do not seem to get along. Before I see my doc, was wondering if another type of ad would be worth trying for my main complaints, which are rotational vertigo (initially, not often now), dizzy/disequilibrium, ear fullness, tinnitus, head heaviness, some depth perception & light/noise sensitivity.

God listing it all out it sounds awful!

Oh and, add fatigue in there too. Back in a big way :frowning:



Hi Kathleen - have been following your posts here and sorry you are still struggling with the dizziness, etc. Me too. Migraine headaches under control with Dothep (tricyclic) but still have the balance issues.
Dr Granot has added Periactin (an anti-histamine) to help with the dizziness. It has definitely helped, especially when I’m at home. However, car travel, shops, noisy environments, fluro lights, etc. still set me off and takes up to 2 days to settle again. I’ve been on Periactin (now up to 12mg) for a few weeks and hoping things will continue to improve. Just need to be patient & give it more time, I think.
Don’t think there is any info here in the ‘Meds for MAV’ that specifically outlines which ones are more helpful for particular symptoms. It seems that a lot of us mavers need maybe two or even three meds to get a result. Are you seeing your Doc anytime soon?

Hi Barb, not sure what is up with my insurance as I am scheduled to return to work on Thursday the 1st. It may kick back in for November, or I may have to wait till December. I can go to the clinic in town but that just means starting all over again with a Nurse Practioner, no specialist etc and I really shouldn’t waste the cash unless I need another work release. Hoping that will not happen.
I think I just need to get thru the next month. I keep trying to avoid my benzos and I really don’t know why except I don’t want addiction and the fatigue is back so I don’t want to feel more tired.
Ironic thing is, because the benzos relax the vestibular system, our brains work less hard at keeping our balance, and so we tend to be less fatigued.
sigh. It’s really just a game of spin the med bottle & see what ends up working!
I also may be at the point where things will just settle down with time. Best case scenario. That’s what happened last time I had a chronic episode. If so, this time around I am armed with a diagnosis & I will stick with lifestyle mods for sure, and the supplements, as I want the tinnitus & ear fullness to go away and the other symptoms to not come back!
Thanks Barb, for the reply. I will keep Periactin on the list for consideration. I tend to dislike SSRI’s; feel like I need something to calm my brain down, not excite it some more! :smiley: