Have started topamax

Hi all.
So, I have started the topa- took just 12.5mg yesterday and last night felt increased dizziness.

I’m assuming that it will be normal to feel worse for a while and not to judge the drug in the early days?

Anyway, I’m going to document my topa experience here, in case it helps anyone else down the track.

AG x

yes definately - remember the curve chart scott posted from granot about the relationship between side effects and symptoms over a say 6week period.

Hey Hey,

DEFINATELY increased dizzies for me to start with. I actually took 4 days off work- I was so drugged up and sedated and out of it, though that was on 25mg.

I did it for a week and then switched to taking it at night which obviously meant I was asleep when it was being processed.

I still don’t take it in waking hours- I take it once at about 11pm, and once at 5am and go back to sleep til 8am.

Hang in there :slight_smile:

Thanks Girls!

I took 25mg last night. I am really sensitive to moving my head too quickly today and feel like I have had too many wines (just without the fun) - just yucky.

But, I trust it’s all part of it.

I will stay on the 25mg for a week.

I haven’t had any tingling yet though and the doc said that was the most likely.

I stopped sando cas I felt like a walking zombie and Topa feels like chapter two!!!

Thanks for the support.I’ll keep you all posted :slight_smile:

Did your doc suggest your Topamax schedule? How do you split the dose? Not sure I’d actually be able to get up if I took a dose at 5am!
Does Dr Granot’s curve chart relate to the start of taking the med, ie the first dose (say 25mg) through the 6 weeks to the target dose (100mg) or does the 6 week period refer to 6 weeks from when the target dose is reached? I had always interpreted it as 6 weeks on the target (theraputic) dose. Maybe the Topa has mixed my brain up (in fact I’m sure it has!)
Hang in there - I think we’re in for a bumpy ride!

That’s how I interpreted Dr Granot’s chart … 6 weeks on max dose or target dose.