Have you all seen this?

FOund this on line today, and had never seen it before. I think it’s a good article, and something you can show your friends/family if they want to see what it’s like for us MAV-ers.



Wow, Kelley. This is a gold mine. I’ve seen Dr. Hain’s website which is very dense and informative. Thanks for passing that along. I’m keeping this one to pass along to any doubters that have followed my 3-year mysterious medical journey and probably still keep thinking “Now what does she think/say she has?”. I swear some people just think we’re hypochondriacs or crazy. And, some days I do, too.
P.S. Do most people get lorazepam/valium from their neuros along with MAV meds?? I just happen to have some left over from previous insomnia treatment but am not sure whether to ask my neuro for some since she has great confidence in the topamax she prescribed which is working pretty well. But, there are still those days…

wow - thanks!!! I’ll check it out when i get a chance.

Hope you are well Kelley.


I like this article. You can tell it was written by an MAV’er.

Thanks for the article, I can definitely agree with the part where it said an MAVer feels good when they are sleeping.

It is a good summary. For those looking to learn more about migraine let me draw your attention to this thread:


A few months ago Scott compiled a ‘top 10’ list of mav questions, in consultation with all the mvertigo members, which he forwarded to some of the top international migraine specialists. It’s a testament to the quality of this forum (largely thanks to Scott’s hard work) that so many responded and with such great information. These are busy docs!

Hey Kelley,

Just a small warning. While there’s correct information in there about MAV and drugs, the post was put together by someone that had to be banned from here 2 years ago for claiming that a rice powder and now a miracle water cured her MAV (she was selling it). I won’t bore you with the details but it was a real ugly mess and it appears the purpose of the article is to sell the junk product. If you look in the comments you will see email links to it all. It’s unfortunate.


Oh darn it! I was thinking it was well written and kind of summarized a lot. I did read comments at the end of the thread, but didn’t see that. Darn it!

Oh, geez… thanks for the heads up, Scott. I didn’t even bother reading the comments.

Hi all, ’
Hi Scott, is this the same company? It say’s PXP , isnt it a Multi level marketing company?

That’s the one Jen. It shows you how to become a seller and create your own little business with rice powder. Clever really if you can make people believe it cures disease. These selling schemes have been around for a long time.


just had a bit of a cry,
how Disgusting praying on the sick!

Makes me want to vomit! :twisted: