Have you seen a neurologist?

Yeah definitely recommend the supplements. I’ve seen other people say good things about them as well on other forums, before I tried them out for myself. I don’t think my antidepressant is a migraine prophylactic, but I haven’t done too much research into that particular topic. It’s Wellbutrin (bupropion). I also take Pristiq, but I’m in the process of getting off that because that one definitely makes it worse.

Thank you for the information :slight_smile: Are the supplements prescribed or can you just get them from a pharmacy? I’ll definitely look into it, as I’ve been told that I need to go back onto the pill to stop the MAV, which I’m willing to try but don’t want to be on the pill for the rest of my life!

No prescription needed. I get them at GNC but you can probably get them at any pharmacy, especially Vitamin B and magnesium. By the pill you mean birth control, right? I understand not wanting to be on anything for the rest of your life, although I can’t empathize directly about the pill since I’m a guy. I have the same feelings about taking antidepressants. Even if I took one that helped for MAV as well as its on-label use, I wouldn’t want to be on anything for the rest of my life! It’s slightly less depressing tho if it’s a vitamin pill.

Thanks, I’ll definitely try taking the vitamins!

I have. I go to one occasionally. They seem like they are the best people to go to for this condition. Good luck!

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Hi Louise
It took me 4 years and lots of misery to finally find the right doctor and get the very helpful diagnosis of “Silent Migraine”, as my doctor refers to it. He is an oto-neurologist. The ENT’s I saw were not helpful at all and one, who wanted to perform shunt surgery, was potentially harmful. Generally, the neurologists are well informed on migraine issues and MAV is a form of migraine. I do not get the headaches of typical migraine but I get severe vertigo and the accompanying issues. I was put on Nortriptyline for 3 months and told to read “Healing Your Headache 1-2-3” by Buccholz. I began the diet immediately. You must do it strictly while on the medication and then you can return small amounts of some items that are not triggers for you. You must become aware of other triggers besides food. Also, the neurologists are more comfortable with the types of medication needed to stop the symptoms. They are better versed in what stimulates the nerves of the head/face. For me, it turned out not to be Menieres/inner ear issues but rather nerve excitation. I never have coffee or brewed decaf or alcohol or Asian food or items loaded with MSG (in all its forms). Large quantities of sugar are a stimulant for me as well as too much dairy. I am okay with small amounts of other triggers if I rotate them. I definitely recommend you see a neurologist and read that book, as a starting place to discover your own trigger list. Good luck. Spinninggirl. (Vertigotalesandtastes@blogspot.com

Thank you for the information, I’ll definitely buy the book! I can’t believe it took 4 years for you to get sorted, poor you! It’s been 7 months for me and I just want to get back to work. Are you still on Nortriptyline?


You mean your onset was while you were watching a projector?

Projector is a huge weird symptoms trigger for me. It gives my eyes vertical vibrations and sometimes when I move my eyes away from it I see its light broken down to RGB. I also find it plays a role in my internal vibrations. And my onset was 22 days after daily using the projector at work. Sus!

That’s when the chronic symptoms began. Though I suspect it might have been an ear issue that was already stressing my vestibular neurology.

I had had fluid build up in (presumably) my middle ear for months. This would drain every morning I got up and that started after an episode of trying to clear some ear wax months before.

I do wonder if it is some kind of eustachian tube problem. There’s a thing called “alterbaric” vertigo when one ear is giving different signals to other.

Excess pressure from the eustachian tube (due to swelling) could also presumably increase pressure on the oval window of the inner ear causing symptoms including mild hearing loss.

I have to say your story is very similar to mine.

I think we also share the same way of thinking about the cause behind our conditions.

I just slightly differ from you in that I had too many different events prior to my symptoms such as (neck injury, vigorous massage to my neck and scalp, hair entered my ears when I was getteing a haircut and I also tried to get it out with my wet fingers, and the most sus thing of all is the prolonged exposure to bright light and a projector for around a week)

I don’t know how to walk this route because medics won’t take it with me but now I really suspect that. this is because my major trigger is exposure to bright light and specially projector’s light.

I also suspect ETD or a problem in my ears because the popping I hear in my ears and because the pain I feel around my ear and temporal area. But nothing can be compared to my visual triggers.

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Once the brain is irritated, all bets are off :wink:

But yeah, I’m sure my ear problem came first, then the brain freaked out, in that order. I’d had one migraine in my life beforehand.

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I hope we get well soon.