Having a BAD day...(vent)

so my dr is away on vacation till dec…& my head is pounding, blurry vision, dizzy, nauseated, ear fullness…etc. :?

I ended up at the walk in clinic, he wrote me a script for 4 Relpax. Pharmacy was out of stock so will pick up tomorrow…It took me 20 mins to type this as i feel like im on a ship! WTH!! :cry:

Im keep wondering if there is something I can do to snap out of it…to MAKE IT STOP. ( I took the usual gravol,)

also during a dizzy spell I cannot hear anything out of my left ear. Does anyone else experience that? Is this normal? I have given up coffee…which is a big leap 4 me, I thought i was making progress, but this past wk has been STRESSFUL due to a family illness, is this a trigger? I havent felt this bad in yrs…

sorry , i just needed to vent…


sounds more like Menieres with the hearing loss

i know…i always thought i had Menieres…but ive had many hearing & balance tests…my hearing is normal, so the ENT has ruled out Menieres.
Id feel a bit stupid asking to see “another” dr after all the tests ive had, also we have a shortage of specialty drs in my city.


Well I went half deaf the other day when I was out. The pressure had been building in my head (no pain, just pressure) for days and I had got steadily dizzier. This final day, everything sounded like my head was in a bucket and the tinnitus was raging, hissing, then I got vertigo, not quite full blown but almost. The next day the hearing was back to normal, but the tinnitus remains.

Yes, stress is a huge trigger.


it really is amazing how a simple migraine can affect so much of our body. yesterday i was on the phone with my sister & my hearing started to go, first the fullness, then ringing, then hissing & then she sounded like she had inhaled HELIUM… :shock: