Having a cold and increased vertigo/MAV?

hi all,

am wondering if any of you have noticed that the vertigo gets a little worse when a cold sets in…am only 1.5 weeks into my first doses of topamax so that may also explain it, but started getting a cold 2 days ago and noticed the vertigo to be even more annoying…any similar experiences? thanks, as always!


I have noticed a change in my dizzies if the cold gets into my ears giving me an ear infection.

I don’t know where you live, but since I started on medication, I have noticed that severe changes in weather effects my MAV. I live in the midwest in amongst the giant ice storm and this week has been a doozy for me. I thought that I would throw that tidbit in just in case you are in the midwest.

I’ve just had a real stinker of a cold and it’s really affected my dizziness. I can’t walk straight and feel loads of head pressure at the moment. My balance is pretty bad and that’s because of this virus.


I caught a cold about two months ago and was really dizzy as well as nauseous for the duration of the cold, about 8 days. I recognised the correlation between the virus and the MAV and was so adverse to going through that scene again that I visited my GP and had a flu injection to avoid future incidents. Well…within 4 hours of having the injection, I got a double-dose of what I had when I caught the cold with dizziness and nausea only this time, the episode lasted **EIGHT ** weeks, can you believe that.

I’m definitely not looking forward to next years winter season, not sure what to do with that one!