Having another baby!

Also, Sorry for my complete rant today! This became out of control during my first pregnancy and I want another baby! Anybody got any experience with this? Thanks Lara


I just read your other post, is this why you are coming off of nortrip?

I haven’t had any experience with this but I want to wish you all the best. What an exciting time for you!

One of the Lisa’s (lisamav or lisany I think are the two Lisa names but I could be wrong) went through a pregnancy while living with this disease. I can’t remember which Lisa it was but I haven’t seen either of them here for a while. Hopefully she is still reading the posts and will have some advice for you.


I was coming off nory as I was well and my dr said it was time. Will look for the Lisa! How are things with you? Lara

I’m pregnant with my first right now, due in February. I’ve felt great during the pregnancy, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. In fact, I’ve felt really well ever since I stopped the birth control pill last September, even despite all the fertility meds I had to take, so I’m almost positive that’s what started all of this 4.5 years ago. Right now I’m mainly worried about being dizzy during delivery, or afterward when my hormones drop.

I was the Lisa who was pregnant. unfortunately, pregnancy greatly exacerbated all my MAV sxs. However, that doesn’t mean others will respond the same way. neurologists have told me that pregnancy can either cause migraines to get worse, better, or stay the same. I wish you all the best.

Hey Lisa,

How are you doing these days? Has the Nori helped at all?


I’m better than I was when pregnant, but still have a long way to go. Will need to add another med soon. See doc next week.