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Head movement a trigger?

Hi all,

I woke up this morning feeling a little better than I have been doing.
Whilst making my breakfast and moving my head about, turning I had a lot of pressure feelings (like a migraine was on the horizon) I find if I do too much moving my head this can be a trigger so try to avoid this. (Need a neck brace) :see_no_evil:

Is this a common symptom for many Mavers? I find I’m especially bad in the morning and then I seem to get better as the day goes on.


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Yep, it’s always listed in any MAV symptoms list. Reaction to self movement. Majkr trigger. You’ll find it mentioned in lots of threads on here. In your case currently guess it’s just sign system has become more sensitive for some reason. I’ve had it myself last couple of days first time for maybe six months,

IMHO No you don’t. That’s about the last thing you need. Quite the opposite I’d say. The stiller you kerp it, the worse it will get and you’ll get a stiff neck to boot. I’m not saying keep turning your head about to see if it’s got worse (common practice. Everybody does it) and don’t do head turning exercises, just try to move it as necessary and as naturally as possible. Move chairs into circle for conversation, I spent years avoiding turning my head because I would get room spinning vertigo and that caused more problems.

Best bit of advice I was never given - a friend who had labs years ago was told by her GP ‘whatever you do keep miving your head. VRT therapist commended her on the free movement of her neck despite her balance disorder! I’m still working on mine. Helen


Hi Helen

That news is reassuring! Even though it is uncomfortable im trying not to make too many allowences even though I feel as dizzy as a duck! Its settled down now.

I wonder why it is particularly bad in the morning :thinking:

My Botox can’t come quick enough! It does appear that with Ami, botox and diet some days are better than others, but I feel like I perhaps need to increase Ami as I’m still only on 20mg!

Thank you for your reply Helen.
I knew I could rely on your for a very helpful response! :two_hearts:


Head movement is definitely a trigger. I move my head very slowly these days - avoiding any rapid and jerky movement.

I’m glad you’re asking these questions. :slight_smile:


Well it is a symptom things are winding up or would be for me but knowing you I don’t suppose it’s worth bothering to tell you today wouldn’t be the best day despite the sun to get the ladders out and climb onto the roof to dust the roof tiles. If it needs to be done, no doubt you’ll do it.

Bit of a pattern that. Maybe because your balance system has been asleep overnight. Helen


Good morning friends! @MNEK18, head (neck) movement, especially in the morning is probably my biggest trigger right now. Even when I am lying still after just waking, my neck muscles “jump” around for a while as if they are recalibrating for the day ahead. It was very unnerving at first, now I just ride it out and let it do it’s thing :laughing: Once I am up, showering is always the next step which obviously consists of bending my neck forward and back to rinse… this is where I’ve always had scary moments so I just try to ease my head / neck into necessary position. If I don’t make quite sudden movements I do pretty well. I do think a move up from your current dosage may be worth talking with your dr about though… you’ll know when / if you’ve gone too far but you may not have reached the appropriate dose quite yet. XOXOXOXOXO


Haha Helen!! You will be pleased to know I haven’t ventured to the gym once this week because now my threshold is lowered I know not to push it :wink:

I am learning - I had a rest and it seemed to dissipate. :grimacing:


Hey Renèe!!

I am sorry to hear you struggle with this too! Do you think its a sign you need to rest? It seems I am always rushing about when it comes :flushed:
I’m with you on slowing up head movements… it can be so hard to keep remembering your brain is too sensitive to even look around with causing some discomfort! It generally makes me much dizzier :pleading_face:
Yes, defo going to try go up with Ami - see neuro soon! :star_struck:

Keep well my friend! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Last night I was at dinner with my family for my sons birthday, I didn’t feel well and knew something was going to happen so I loaded up on my meds ahead of time. towards the end of dinner I turned my head to the left and turned it back and LOST MY MARBLES… I don’t know why this happens but I have learned to turn my head ver slowly.

Best of luck to you friend.

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Oh dear!

That sounds very unpleasant! I’m sorry you’re suffering! Hopefully it will pass


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Thanks, it definitely makes our anxiety higher. It makes me nervous when I drive and checking my blind spots and stuff.

Yes moving my head makes me dizzy and massaging or vigorous stretching of the neck can start a full blown migraine. All my symptoms are worse in the morning especially visual vertigo and brain fog


For anyone in doubt and, by the number of older posts there are on here relating I doubt there can be that many, it is official. And some days don’t I know it still!

”The most prominent specific feature of MV was head motion intolerance.”. Salhofer et al, 2012 after a investigation amongst 149 I think it was MAVers.

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