Head or heart

With all the dizziness here on this board, and so many of you that have been in and out of ERs and Doctors offices, do ANY of them ever think its your heart??? I know I have anxiety but I often wonder if it could be my heart!!! I have had stress tests, EKGs and 2heart monitors and everything was fine, but never WHILE I am having the lightheadedness and worse dizziness.I would think I would just pass out and be unconscious or something after all these years!!! SometimesI KNOW for a fact its my head, or ears,mav whatever. cause it only happenes when i move my head certain ways. Idk, I am just very anxious about the way that I am feeling today, easy to feel like I wanna pass out, but dont. Very OFF in more of a lightheaded kinda way, I hate this crap!!! HATE IT!!!

So just wondering, cause I see the stories and it seems like no one is getting much heart testing done, so they must be able ot tell its NOT your heartand itssomething else?


Hi Donna,

I’ve had a bunch of heart tests over the years and all fine in that department (some tachycardia years ago but they say not migraine related).


I must admit I have often wondered about the small hole in the heart thing that says migraine can be cured by sorting that out, but never got it checked out. I get horrible heart palpitations at night sometimes with the jitteriness when I cant sleep, heart runs so fast cant feel the beat, but this is since a drop in hormones. I also get an electric shock feeling running up on one side of my chest sometimes (sometimes I think its indigestion but I am not so sure). Hubby says I should get the heart checked but had so many horrible tests over the last 25 years I keep away unless I have to.

I have a friend who has had the worse migraines since she was 5, she went on to take every migraine preventative available including the triptans. When she was in her 50s, they found she had cardiomyopathy, said she had been born with it. I often wonder if that was something to do with her migraines.


I’ve never had my heart tested, but my symptoms aren’t reallly pointing in that direction at all, as I get rotational vertigo, false motion, and intolerance to visual stimuli and motion.
However, perhaps you could ask and see if you could be retested when you are having a bad spell? It might throw up some answers for you, or if not, at the very least it would provide you with reassurance that your heart is ok. Although I am not a heart expert, I teach some aspects of cardiac physiology/ECGs etc. and my gut feeling would be that even on days you were not symptomatic, the tests would still show abnormalities (perhaps someone else on here knows more about this?).

I have been in and out of the ER and my doctor’s office over the past 10 years thinking I was having heart problems. Tests galore done, heart is fine. Even though I get sharp pains in chest, palps, and pain in upper back and left arm, it’s pretty much been determined that it’s all migraine related. This is one CRAZY disease!

Thanks everyone, I just hate feeling hopeless in all of this. I have had 2 or 3 heart ultrasounds and I do have a hole in my heart, but cause no distress at all they say! I just NEED a 100% dx! I cannot wait til my appointment in about a month! I feel like we have to do our own work in all of this, very hard when we did not go to school for it…lol

Just been very frustrated!
Donna Jo