Head or neck movement a trigger?

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that. A neck massage would only give temporary relief because the stiff neck (common with any balance disorder apparently) is just an effect of the balance disorder not the cause. As soon as the massage releases it the brain will start the tightening up to try to keep the head stationery because the movement means it is receiving false messages. Personally I’d avoid anybody touching my neck. It could make symptoms worse.

If you read some of Jon Stone’s articles things might not seem so confusing. MAV is a bit of a new concept for most. We are so unfamiliar, I know I was in abysmal igorance, with how normal balance functions a dysfunctional system is virtually impossible to comprehend. Strange territory indeed. The other thing most struggle with in this Instant Age is that there is no Quick Fix either as a cure or a quick return to those happy days before unfortunately. Helen

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I find when my neck and/or top of my shoulders gets painful that doing the chin tuck and a couple of the other McKenzie neck exercises feels good and doesn’t increase dizziness. I just can’t do the looking up or looking down ones. You can google them I’m sure they’ll be on YouTube. A physiotherapist who specialises in neck problems that cause migraines recommended the chin tuck particularly as well.


One tip a physio gave me was when you aren’t symptomatic and can do use your neck as much as possible when it is comfortable to do so. I find I can often do it slowly and deliberately lying down in bed and nearly always when travelling as a passenger in a car. The muscles seem more relaxed then and the movement flows. Turning your head against tight muscles just sends incorrect messages to the brain.

Thanks for these tips Helen and dizzy, it’s been a tough week or two.

Agreed, McKenzie is good. I also find scapular presses and I’s and T’s on an exercise ball really keep my neck issues calmed down between attacks. I’s and T’s: How to Properly Perform I's, T's, and Y's Exercises | The Physical Therapy Advisor


Thanks I’ll check them out