Headache new for me. Anyone else?

I’ve had MAV for 10 years and I’ve never had headaches during my attacks. In fact, I dont get headaches. I’ve always had the usual symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, visual symptoms,ect. But during this last bout, which started on March 30 and hasn’t let up yet with the exception of the week of May 12, I’ve been getting headaches. One sided. The side my dizziness is on. Of course between the lengthiness of this episode and the new headaches I’m worried about it being something serious. Has anyone else begun to get headaches as a new symptom? I understand that migraine typically includes headache for most. But with MAV it doesn’t so just wondering. Kind of worried. My neighbor, who means well but has a bad habit of opening his mouth and letting his stupid fall out, told me I better get checked for a tumor. Great! Didn’t need to hear that as I was already worried and am a hypochondriac too. I did have a negative MRI but that was 6 years ago. Anyone else?

Hi Whirl
MAV can present in many different ways - some people never experience the headache pain, others have headache & then develop vertigo (sometimes spinning/positional), others start with balance problems which develop into vertigo/dizziness and perhaps severe headaches. Mine presented as the latter case.
Your MRI showed clear so your headaches could well be part of your MAV. Have your tried any preventative meds to target the headaches? As your helpful() neighbour has now put that worry worm in brain you could ask your doctor’s opinion and see whether another MRI is necessary or try some meds to settle things down.

Not new, no, but I have really nasty chronic headaches along with the MAV. Like Barb mentioned, everyone presents a bit differently, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that things are changing for you.

That said, your “first or worst” should always be reported to your doctor. While I wouldn’t have gone and said you might have a tumor (odds are that it is not a tumor), changes in your “normal” pattern should be looked at just to be on the safe side. They may want to repeat the MRI since things can change in 6 years, but that’s a decision that they will make after evaluating you. Good luck!

Thanks guys, my headaches have been better the last few days and yesterday I was almost 95 %! Now today…back to about 30% :(. But it’s been going like that. Somedays I’m ok and then I’m not. This illness is all over the place