Headache pain

When you have headache pain with this mess can you describe what it is like for you? I have been pretty headache free for the better part of 6 months but as of late they have become more frequent and more severe. The one I have now is going on four days and it has been awful started on the right side was there for 24 hours then moved to the left side ( which is the side I used to always get them on) and has been there for three days. It is better but not gone…

It starts behind the eye and across the bridge of nose and then moves to back of head and down the neck on effected side and is a constant throbbing pain .

Just wondering how often do you have the headache pain, what kind of pain, have you gone through pain free periods only to have them come back again.

I get all types of headaches- throbbing, squeezing, jabbing, etc., etc. I get these very bad headaches several times per week, and migraine with aura about 1 time per week. I, though, have a constant dull pain in my head and sinus pressure 24/7. I don’t even, though, discuss my head pain, as I could live with it, as long as this darn dizziness would go away.


Are you taking abortive medication? I start to “freak out” when I get a serious headache more than a couple hours. I’m so worried a big migraine is about to hit I take my maxalt. Three days constant headache? That sounds really unbearable.

Hang in there


Back of the head like someone had hit me over the neck with an iron bar. Last 3 days.

Sometimes, one or both temples (including neuralgia), tingling etc.


Usually one sided for me - and usually the left side. Only a few times was the pain so bad that there was no pointing to one spot to indicate where it was.

More often than not, my migraines hum, too. It starts in the forehead about a quarter inch above the inside of my eyebrow - a buzzy/hummy (how’s that for technical) and grows. The more it grows, the worse the dizziness. Pain comes when pain wants to come with sudden changes in weather.