Hello I’m really suffering with literally constant headaches. My head feels so dizzy, full, heavy, foggy to another level. The fatigue is also really bad. I literally feel disabled because off it. My eyes cannot focus either. Wtf is this!

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Sounds like migraine associated vertigo. Look thru our wikis. Make a month long symptoms log. Go see a neurologist or neuro-otologist.

Sorry you’re here. Welcome.

I have been diagnosed with vm, but this is the worst I have felt. My head will not stop hurting. I have have Botox which I feel has made it much worse

@jojo65 is the Botox Queen. Ask her but I do recall reading that can happen. Once the system is hypersensitive, MAV reacts to anything and everything it seems more strongly. I think it should soon subside. Helen

I was the same after each Botox treatment for the first few weeks…worse headache and much dizzier…like you worse. But then my headache began to abate from september and ive had Venlafaxine added
I know what your going through its just awful
Jo x

where are you? if you can’t take any more advil or tylenol, I would recommend cbd oil. It might help to ease the pain (not the dizziness), but I think helping with pain is good enough.

I had Botox on the 30th August but the head pressure and headaches are severe right now

I’m in England where r u?

USA, not sure if you can get CBD in England

We should all try not to take the over the counter painkillers, especially NSAIDs. It sets us up for nasty rebounds. If you do take them, use long acting formularies like naproxen.

yeah, I agree, that is why I started using CBD and so far, so good.

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Trouble is these are both paraceutomol based so it would depend what other meds plp are already taking. Painkillers aren’t supposed to be used through migraine prevention treatment. Particularly when taking betablockers, they can stop them working. I found this personally when I smashed my shoulder middle of chronic MAV. Ended up dizzier than ever even though I only took very few doses. I’ve heard good reports of US cbd oil though not good reports of UK same. Heard it’s so dilute as to be useless. Alot of ‘our’ available alternative therapy remedies same applies. Helen

Me, too.

Yes we have cbd oil here. Just worried I will feel more fatigued

For a few days you might feel a bit subdued on CBD, but I’ve found (like all meds I’ve tried) that your body gets used to it.

Just this minute heard on radio news bulletin cannabis oil will be available on prescription in UK in three weeks time! Should be reliable quality then at least. Helen

I had mine August 3rd and felt worse until mid september when my headaches improved a lot…im still headache free up until now…its tough
Jo x

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When I asked my neurologist he sed it’s impossible to make you feel worse!

Well i told my neuro it increased my headache initialy and she accepted that. Plus i have a friend who gets it and she is also worse the first few weeks…so its not impossible
Jo x

Where in England do u live?