Just out of interest, who gets headaches with MAV and what are they like? I get them relatively often and they are migraine-like in the sense that they are on one side of the head (always the same side) and either throbbing or sharp. However they are only ever mild to moderate pain-wise and don’t usually last long. I used to get them before MAV and didn’t even know they were migraines.

I get them like a tight hat and then they go into half of my head. Sometimes they swap sides to the other half of my head. Occassionally I get them where I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my head due to the pressure in my head and like something is about to burst in my head. I don’t always get pain with my migraines sometimes it’s just like a MEGA pressure feeling like something is about to burst over my whole and head and my ears. I don’t get them like this often though. Normally it is in my nose, the birdge of my nose gets a pressure feeling and my cheek. Occassionally I get them like a cramp or you have hit your funny bone in the back of my head. If I get them that bad then I get vertigo also. I get more headaches than I do dizziness.

I had them before I had dizziness also and never understood that I had migraine because they where not always painful. When I told my mum I had the pressure feeling in my head when I was little she told me it was because I needed to go to sleep! It never even entered my head that it was migraine!

I get different types of headaches. Sometimes it’s a strong pressure feeling and other times it’s severe pain all over my head. I don’t have them every day, thankfully.

If i get any it’s normally the pressure kind all over the top of my head and the sides, like my head might explode from the top if it gets worse. If I’m able to lay down and relax it goes away after a while. Occasionally I’ll get a good painful one on the left side and it also makes my ear hurt. But I’m able to get rid of it with a couple of Tylenol.

Oh, and mine kind of pulsate which makes my head feel like it’s moving just a little bit.

Thanks guys that’s interesting- I’ve had the pressure feeling before making me feel like my head will explode, especially when the MAV first started. Didn’t know it was migraine! Goes away when I lie down too Dizzybee x

I feel the opposite of the pressure feeling, like I have low pressure or vacuum in my head. Sometimes I get more pressure feeling and that’s when I start to feel good again.

I get false migraines(one sided headache on which migraine meds(both abortive and preventatives) don’t work). My eyes start burning first like someone has splashed them with acid and then my head begins to hurt.