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Healing process

I just want my life back. I never smoked, never drink, aren’t overweight, i’m quiet and have an introverted lifestyle. I’m not asking for much, i don’t want to do extreme sports or go partying or have a stressful life snd job. I just want to be able to live and not exist. I want to stop being dizzy and for my moods to settle down instead of the anxiety, depressive feelings and irritability that comes with this BS and nakes it harder to deal with the physical stuff. I had 5 really really good weeks with mild symptoms, no mood swimgs, feeling like myself again. Sure i wasn’t wellil, i wasn’t walking about or leaving the house bit it wasn’t a struggle anymore, i felt good. Now i feel crap again and i dunno how much longer it’s gonna last or how long it will take to get back to what i had. I hate the lack of control. My brain does what it wants, when it wants and it sucks. I don’t even know what to expect since it varies so much from person to person. Will i ever get my life back? Who knows, nobody can say.


Everybody’s future is uncertain. None of us knows what will happen. Not with MAV or anything else. All we can do is keep the faith and hope for the best. Most probably you are currently experiencing a bit of a relapse and it will pass. I’m not sure how long you’ve been feeling this way. If it’s only since the relapse started it’s probably anxiety. If it started before there is a possibility you have developed a side effect of depression from the flunarizine which is, from what I’ve read, not unusual so you may need to speak to your doctor about providing an alternative. You are much better placed than me to know which applies. Hoping you’ll improve and feel more positive again soon. Helen


Thanks Helen. I’m certain this is cause of the relapse. I was feeling wonderful before it started. Definitely not from the meds.


That is Good News then. All you gotta do now is learn the art of Talking Yourself Up. Tell yourself you are thinking ‘nonsense’ to these depressing thoughts. Remember ‘Tomorrow is Another Day’. ‘this is just a blip’. Don’t let MAV win. Fight those negative feelings and fight hard. Helen


Always late replying, I m not a 100% more like a 95-98. Improved drastically with effexor, 2 days microdosing i was already feeling better, VRT and functional medicine, aiming for the 100%


It’s encouraging to hear from people trying to achieve 100% because usually migraine patients are talked down into accepting they will never reach 100%,especially those with chronic daily migraines.

I’m still going through the relapse but it’s (very) slowly easing. I just have so little patience at the moment. This thing has taken so much of my life, I want to feel better, enough is enough. It’s so slow.


There are plenty of people who appear to recover and can even get off medication (I can name 4 board members immediately).

I suspect the aetiology of a lot of cases is far from just ‘migraine’ and in any case ‘migraine’ must have a cause. If it’s not congenital or hereditary you have an especially good chance to recover, I suspect. Others apparently get to full control with the help of medication.

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Mine’s hereditory, since my dad has migraine.

All the professional headache experts pretty much say that we shouldn’t expect to be 100%, the aim is to reduce severity and frequency and enable us to live, but 100% shouldn’t be expected.

@blueberry0 what functional medicine are you taking? And how long did it take you to get to where you are now after starting your successful treatment?


I suspect the trauma type cases stand the best chance of a quicker recovery particularly if the injury was not sustained by the spine but rather by the ears.

Agreed. I would add ‘hormonal’ in there somewhere where from what I‘ve read there are various patterns that might give some indication of when to expect any possible ‘recovery’. Hormones seemly being involved as root cause doesn’t preclude treatment with preventatives working though so there is always hope. Helen


Yes that’s a good point Helen.

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I can so relate to how a relapse makes you feel, it’s almost like after having even a small improvement,you just can’t bear to go back to how you felt before. In a weird way it’s like i coped better feeling absolutely awful all the time than, the see saw of good and bad days. Now that I’m having better days due to Ami, I’m noticing a real hormonal pattern emerging for me. I’ve upped my dose to 30mg tonight. Wishing you all strength and endurance xxx


Psychology kicks in every time the MAV stings you in the tail. The MAV sensations do seem worse when they come back again!

Once it stabilises a bit you’ll see patterns and note triggers so much easier. Trouble is some aren’t avoidable triggers. Helen

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I ate some blue cheese yesterday. I know, I know!! That afternoon was so dizzy :dizzy_face: and felt like i was falling to one side as I walked. Pre meds I felt awful all the time, and it’s true as you get better, triggers emerge. Funny though as pre MAV no foods ever bothered me.

Blue Cheese. The absolute killer. Nearly put me in hospital, twice. Only goes to show I’m even sillier! But, oh Blue cheese and thyme stuffed baked jacket potatoes are to die for (perhaps not the best choice of expression) but super yummy but never a third time.

Ditto. MAV brings its own sensitivities. Helen


Thank you so much Jess. Before, I would have been over the moon to feel the way I do now, because even though it’s a relapse it’s nothing compared to my most severe phases. 2 months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed I’d be here where I am now now. But because its a relapse and I don’t feel as good as I did, it’s upsetting me more than it should. Plus, i spent a few weeks without any of the mood swings that accompany my migraine, and i had bags of confidence and happiness. Since the relapse, I’ve had those mood swings return and i’m left feeling down or angry sometimes because of it. I hate it. The pyschological symptoms are horrid, just as much so as the physical ones. It’s nothing compared to what I have been through but because this is the first relapse it’s got me doubting, thinking maybe it was a fluke, maybe I won’t feel that good again, and improvement is going too slow basically, leaving me frustrated. I try to keep reminding myself that I wouldn have felt amazed to feel this way at one point. I can’t up my meds because i’m already at the max you usually take for flunarizine, only 10mg.


Oh Helen those potatoes sound amazing!! Yes someone brought in blue cheese to work and it is a big weakness of mine, but we best steer clear! Gosh so scary that you ended up in hospital after eating

I totally understand, MAV sends you on a rollercoaster of emotions. I saw a video online of a woman who has MAV and she said she would be going along OK, coping with it, but then be in tears with the strain then pick herself up again and keep coping. I can relate to that. It’s so variable and the only thing you can actually pin down is you can’t pin it down! It fluctuates so much, but I can safely say that now if I have a bad day I know it doesn’t mean tomorrow will be bad. Nothing is constant even the bad days. I used to be scared thinking this is it when I had a bad day, but it’s not where we will stay. We’re getting better even if it’s 2 steps forward and 2 back, we are on the road to healing


I am followed by a functional medicine GP in the UK, I take around 18 supplements a day ( I do have a problem absorbing vitamins).
Sick from dec 16, diagnosed in may 17, I started effexor in September 17 and starting feeling better after a couple of days. My work with the functional dr is from feb 18… 3 month after I was better

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