Health and Happiness to All

I never valued health as much as when I lost it, so cheers to you all in the new year. I’ve been feeling much better, but still have no clue exactly why. What’s changed (and might be working)?

  • My neurologist had me stop taking the beta blocker and now I’m only taking 20mg of Cymbalta (along with vitamins).
  • She also started me on physical therapy to treat spasms in my neck and back; this is still ongoing.
  • I accidentally stopped taking Loestrin, the pill, for about 3 days and this made me significantly worse (dizzy!). Then, I doubled up for the following 3 days to catch up and this made me feel as normal as ever. In April, I’ll see my OBGYN and will definitively request a full blown hormone test (no idea what this means).
  • By now I’ve been on the migraine avoidance diet for about 6 months; haven’t even started reintroducing foods yet (oh, and lost about 4 lbs.).