Heart beat in ear

Hey All,

Do any of you guys ever hear your heart beating in your ear? This has never happened to me before but has been going on today since I woke this morning. It’s freakin’ me out a bit because this is new. Never good when something new starts like this. I always wonder if it’s here to stay or will it vanish in 24 hours.

Thanks … Scott

Hi Scott been there and done that lol I had it for two days and it does drive you mad! I have had it in the past aswell but it has dissapeared so dont worry Im sure it will pass . I also find a new symptom unsettling especially tinnitus.
Its mainly to do with blood flow not inner ear damage .

Heres a bit of info I pulled up on it

Pulsatile tinnitus only makes up roughly 3% of the diagnoses of tinnitus. The condition is a result of a disturbance in the blood flow of the head or neck. This is usually a direct result from one of two things. Either the blood flow is increased or the blood vessel opening has become narrow. In either case, the blood flow becomes so strong that it can be heard in the ears. The sound you hear will actually be the blood flowing quickly through the blood vessels or arteries close to the ear. Pulsatile tinnitus is very different than other types of Tinnitus which are caused by damage or disease in the ear. In most cases, this condition develops in only one ear, not both.

I get it when I’m using ear plugs (every night) whenever I have an extra dose of migraine. I can both hear and feel it.

Thanks guys. I’m glad you said it went away Blondie. I’m just not up for dealing with any more crap symptoms from this junk.

It’s still there and it’s 14 hours later. :roll:


Yes it lasted 2/3 days last time but it did go , try not to stress if you can help it :slight_smile:

Hang in there Scott. It should pass. I would note that if you have been cleaning out your ears, that can cause it too. You need to keep some of the wax in your ears for various reasons, including this one! This happened to me years ago, long before MAV, and my stupid ear doctor who has lousy bedside manner (which I really experienced when I first started having MAV symptoms and went looking for answers, scared to death), had no idea why/a way to explain it to me. Idiot. He should have at least known about what was posted above by Blondie!!

I had this at night when I switched to Amitriptyline for a few months. When I went back to Propranolol it seemed to stop.


I also had this symptom quite some time ago and it only lasted a couple of days.

You will be ok.


Thanks all … it looks like it was a 24 hour flash in the pan. I woke this morning and the ear feels normal in there again … no pressure feeling or heart beat so far.

Scott :slight_smile:

Yeah!!! There ya go Scott…nothing to it!


And it’s back again … almost one year to the day (but slightly over). I can hear the blood rushing in the same ear again with each heart beat … man, this feeling sucks. Ugh. Not surprising that this is going off today as yesterday morning I had a sudden blast of tinnitus in the same ear not long after waking. :shock:

I suspect this is all a part of the MAV oddities. As I mentioned, I had this happen before the full blown MAV, but it was a precursor. It comes and goes with me too for no real reason and since the MAV and TMJ issues, my ears have never been the same.

This suddenly appeared in my left ear a couple months ago and is terrible with exercise, it pounds so hard I can feel it, and I just hate it! What’s interesting to me is that after starting topamax 7 days ago, it has greatly been reduced, while the buzzing tinnitus in my right ear has increased. Go figure.

Hi Scott. my aunt recently had it whilst it drove her up the wall, GPs reassured her and it went away.

My heart, maybe once long ago. Thought it was neat. Another heart, sure–it comes with certain kinds of cuddling.

I have had this too, but I also have it during tachycardia, check youre pulse rate and B/p while it’s happening.
Not everything is due to mav, and you were saying your Dr wanted to check if your heart was ok?
Might be worth a check.
Spikes of high bp or fast heart beat could be the culprit.

Thanks for the replies all. It stopped … looks like these strange episodes only last 24 hours for me and they go. Another quirk of migraine.

S :slight_smile:

Strange that it would be from MAV. What would be the mechanism? It seems like it would be a vascular problem, esp. if only in one ear.

Pulsatile tinnitus should be checked out by a doctor.

I have never had it except occasionally when I lie down on my right side I’ll hear it in whooshing in my ear until I settle down. (I have a vascular loop on that side, which I’m guessing might explain it.)

It must be very annoying for you (or anyone) to have it all day.

I do hear a different kind of what I suppose could be called pulsatile tinnitus, maybe. It’s a hollow clicking or “dripping” sound in my ears (NOT whooshing), in time with my heartbeat. I usually only hear it when reclining in bed or a chair (on my back). I could swear I’m hearing it via air conduction, but I guess not. Occasionally it has been VERY loud, esp. if I shift position a bit–think the crocodile who swallowed the clock in Peter Pan! Tick tick tick!!

Hope it does not continue to bother you, Scott.


Going through this right now (for the first time ever)! It’s definitely annoying and has been going on for a couple of hours, but I’ll follow the reassurance and advice I’ve found here and wait for it to subside…

Thank you to all who contributed to this thread - still useful, years later! :wink:

And one of the many things I love about this forum is that no matter how bizarre the symptom or topic, chances are pretty good if I search it - I’ll find a post!

I’ve experienced it n occasion since decades before MAV. Usually lying on my side, in the ear on the side I’m lying on. No worries. To me there’s something reassuring about hearing my heart strongly, securely doing its job.