Heat and MAV


I have found that the top three triggers for my MAV, in priority order, are:

  1. HEAT
  3. WIND

I get dizzy and/or off balance within 30 minutes of exposure if the temperature is in the low 70’s. If the temperature is higher, my symptoms activate within 15 minutes. Heat exposure is inevitable in the climate in this area, plus there is no shade at most of the playgrounds where I take the kids. Does anyone have coping mechanisms they have developed for the heat OTHER THAN the usual advice :?: (“find shade”, etc. doesn’t apply to my situation). I also have low blood pressure.

Quick background: I’ve had MAV symptoms every day for one whole year now. The most prevalent are vertigo, dizziness, and disequilibrium. The strict diet in “Heal Your Headache” and nortryptylline have not helped at all. Depakote is helping in some ways, but not with the heat issue.


Hi Eileen,

I agree… sufficient sleep is at the top of my list for aggravating this dizzy condition that we have. Heat can also aggravate but lower on my list. Wind…??? I don’t recall that bothering the symptoms. STRESS is another big one…i absolutely have to keep the stress down or else symptoms increase big time! Diet also plays a major role…limiting my intake of Chocolate, Msg, Alcohol & caffeeine. Also certain types of cheese can be an issue. Sometimes i feel that i my condition is a mixture of Migraine Equivalent and Benign Possitional Vertigo. If i take a relatively short plane trips from california to new mexico and or california to Kansas City, i seems to have about 3-4 days of of increased dizzyness after the trip. I would like to fly to Europe but looks like that will not happen. I am even hesitant on flying form california to hawaii.



The only thing that I could suggest to assist with heat is lots and lots of water. The only reason that I mention that I mention that is that you didn’t mention your water intake.


Joseph–reportedly diamox (the diuretic used in menieres and also by some neurologists for MAV, and to prevent high altitude headache) is very helpful with airplane associated migraine–especially because it’s due to the high altitude exposure (planes are like being at about 7,00-8,000 feet, and very dry). I know someone whose neurologist has her take a dose before a plane flight and it’s prevented her flying migraines.

My daugher and husband are triggered by heat, and my daughter is on nortriptyline and it makes her heat intolerant. She just carries water, and she’s adjusted her summer jobs to keep her out of the heat.

I follow the Buccholz diet also, and I think it helps somewhat. I also take the supplements: riboflavin 400mg, magnesium 500mg, fish oil 1 gm, and coQ10 150 mg/day.