Heaven and Hell

Well I made it to Zante, bit of a bumpy landing but the bad migraine that had been there let up just before I flew so not too bad. It was very very hot and I made the mistake of walking for an hour checking out the resort after we arrived and half way round couldnt put one foot in front of the other, legs ached so badly. Had a lovely holiday, in the sea, in the pool, used the car hire to see other resorts, but I was suffering the whole time. Couldnt wake up in the morning felt so drugged up. Dizzy with the heat, then, can you believe it, full blown vertigo attack the day before we flew home (exactly the same thing happened 3 years ago when we went to Spain). The morning coming home felt horribly sick and couldnt focus (no head pain as such). Wasnt looking foward to the flight back but that was pretty straightforward. Got to our car left in Birmingham, exhausted from the vertigo then migraine to find the battery dead, had to call out the rescue. He started us and told us to keep going! On the motorway and there was an accident so traffic jam for an hour, then diverted off the motorway and we were lost! Used the sat nav. So the journey home from Birmingham took 3 and half hrs instead of one and half. I was so exhausted in the car, near to tears, effort to lift my hand to brush the hair out of my eyes. Then the usual non stop migraine since I have been back.

Its the same every holiday and I am seriously wondering if its worth it, so so difficult with this rotton illness. I dont know with me, if its just the MAV, or if CFS is part of what is going on as I keep reading posts here of people travelling, no problem and they dont seem to get the fluey achiness and terrible fatigue I get.

Well I am now looking to try another med again. My friend has just been to see someone in UK and he suggested 3 x brufen and half an imigran at the first sign of headache and said that it would break the cycle. Has anyone heard of this before? Can you get rebound from brufen at all?


Hey Christine – sorry the holiday knocked the stuffing out of you again. I know the feeling well. I won’t be going to Toronto this year that’s for sure. I’m thinking Japan for the next hol. No time zone change. Good on you for having a crack at it though anyway.

Have you tried Periactin or Pizotifen?


Hi Scott,

Japan would be fantastic! How far is that for you to travel?

I am sort of back to base level, but the base level I had before going on holiday. Not good. Because of other symptoms not related to MAV (I don’t think!) I am checking out other stuff, if I can possibly get tested on the NHS, if not, looking who does what privately.

Periactin rings a bell. Pizotifen was the first one I ever tried. I have done it 3 or 4 times. The first time I had good results with the actual migraine but the dizziness etc. stayed the same and then all the drugged feeling etc. kicked in and I actually felt worse. I got up to quite a good amount on it as well. My body seems to react with a toxic feeling with most of these meds like the liver isn’t coping (if you know what I mean). I cant seem to get my drs. round to thinking “2 drugs at low doses”. They are still stuck with the one med and keep upping it (which is a waste of time with me). I have several in the cupboard and may give them a try myself. I think it is Luke who is on Pizotifen and propranolol that sounds like a nice mix to me, low dose.
Or is that Beechleaf? Or Prothiaden and propranolol (I used to tolerate Prothiaden). Also haven’t tried Doxepin yet. I have a lot to think about.

How are you doing on the gluten free? Are you still on it? Are you still on the Paxil? Any improvement?


Chris - so glad to hear that you made it to your holiday destination but gutted to read you had some rough bouts.

Maybe a few UK based holidays might be best for a while … Centre Parcs etc… there are truly some AMAZING holiday destinations/ideas for the UK so let me know if you want me to fire any inspriation at you.

Getting hold of Periactin here in the UK is almost impossible. I’ve been to every Boots and they say they’re out of stock and it’s backlogged with the manufacturers. Even my local chemist who can usually get his hands on everything, cant get hold of the stuff. I really wanted to try it in conjunction with my Nori to see if it would help (after reading Jen’s post).

But I dont want to start taking something and then try to buy some more and they run out again!!!

Are you taking anything at the mo? If you’ve got all this stuff in your cupboard, be your on doctor and do what you feel is right.


— Begin quote from "Muppo"

Getting hold of Periactin here in the UK is almost impossible. I’ve been to every Boots and they say they’re out of stock and it’s backlogged with the manufacturers. Even my local chemist who can usually get his hands on everything, cant get hold of the stuff.

— End quote

You ladies need to talk to Kelley (Rockysmom). Nuff said. Are you with me? Catch my drift?

Hi Muppo,

You have a point. There are some lovely places in the UK, just waiting for a warm spell then maybe will give it a go. Have you been to Centre parcs? I have been to most places on the South coast but not tried a Centre Parcs, they look like fun.

What did you think of Majorca? I know… its still abroad, bit nearer though!

To be honest, at the moment, I dont feel like going anywhere in this state, I want to get a bit better at least. The Periactin sounds interesting as I usually respond well to anything with anti histamine in it. I just looked up on the net, I suppose, if its Cyproheptadine theres a possibility that one of the chemists, Boots, Superdrug etc. might do something Cyproheptadine.

No, not on anything at the moment, just small halves of painkillers 2 or three times a day (on a good day). I have propanalol and pizotifen in the cupboard, also, Topamax (not tried it), Citalopram and Venlafaxine (I should have chucked the Venlafaxine as it caused bad side effects for me). And I have Amitryptiline. I might just try the propanalol and pizotifen mix.

If you find a source for Periactin, let me know and I will do same :slight_smile:

Vic, thanks for the tip :? I think I get you.


Hey guys,
I know Longshort is in , um, I think it’s Taiwan? I could be wrong, but someplace exotic and far away that sells these meds OTC superduper cheap at the local corner pharmacy. You might want to send a pm and ask him if it’s possible to get some to try?