Heavy metal concert

Hi guys. Next month will be my first time attending a concert since MAV, and I was wondering how you all would handle this? On an ordinary day, 2.5mg Valium gets rid of my symptoms, but I’m considering maybe taking 5.0mg an hour before this event. I don’t usually drink alcohol at shows, so I won’t have to worry about that. :wink: Also, I always wear earplugs at shows too, which I’m sure will be a life saver with MAV…
Any other tips?

I find that before a big event I start taking ativan (similar to valium) the day before and then take it at intervals thru the event. This has worked better for me than taking a double dose. I’m not a doctor and can’t advise you, however this is what works for me! I also wear sunglasses because the lights can be killer.
Have fun!!