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Helen's MAV update

Hi all.
I was doing really well up until 9wks ago, which is how long i’ve been off sick for.
I was at work one morning when i got in and sat down, and then it just felt like everything was spinning inside my head. I persevered all morning but by the time it got to the early afternoon, i had full head pressure followed by a migraine.
Ive increased my meds (nortriptyline & gabapentin) which have only really cut down the frequency of the migraines.
I went to a health clinic around 5 weeks ago and they did an intollerence test which gluten, wheat, egg yolk & chocolate showed up so i have stopped having those in my diet.
They also gave me liquid minerals to take (life minerals) and tablets (biocare polyzyme forte), both you can get from amazon.
I noticed a difference after taking them and then once i had finished them, i was rough for a fortnight.
I didnt know if this was a coincidence or not so decided to get some more. Ive been on them since monday and have been fine again.
Im puzzled now as the diet alone and the increased meds didnt help, so what is it that is helping me?

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Interesting, impossible to say what the supplements are doing, but if it helps that is great. I do see that the life minerals have magnesium which is known to help some people with migraine. Also my wife does much better with dairy when she takes digestive enzymes beforehand.


Yes definitely interesting, so will be interesting to see if anyone else has anything to share.
Ive been taking magnesium daily for about 6 months now but cant say ive noticed any difference :thinking: